4 of Our Favorite Denim Trends

What’s not to love about stylist denim pieces?

Denim happens to be a material that is completely versatile. Pieces made of denim can easily be dressed up or for casual relaxation.

Let’s talk basics.

You should own at least one pair of skinny jeans, a pair of high waist jeans, and your go-to embellished denim. However, it never hurts to expand your denim collection, beyond the surface. We’re bringing you our personal denim fav’s to rock for fall.

Momma Knows Best

We love to get inspiration from things we’re familiar with…


These babies are no exception.

We all strive to be just like Mom… Even in her denim selects!

The vintage inspired style, known as mom jeans are quickly on the rise. Doesn’t matter if you’re into pure denim, or care for a little bleaching… Mom Jean’s are hitting the scene with emphasis. Channeling to 90s vibe, these jeans feature a high, cinched waist. Usually worn to harp on the physique, these jeans focus on the curves. We’ve been peeping a ton of these at local thrift shops, making it easy for you to snag your pair. They look great with a tucked blouse and cuffed at the ankles.

Trench Coats on Deck!

It’s about to get really chilly in here.

We’re digging the latest spin on the trench coat.

These denim overcoats are everything. Perfect addition to your closet due to their warmth and fashion edge. A denim overcoat can be layered on top of denim or rocked with your favorite colored slacks.

You’ve got options!

The fabric is the new-age neutral and can complete any look.

Denim Mini Skirt

The denim mini is pushing it’s way out of summer fashion and straight into fall. It’s also a trend that is defying fashion rules- It refuses to leave quietly.

By accentuating your legs and your favorite pair of shoes, this wardrobe staple is an keeper. From frayed distressing to full embroidering, denim skirts are being spotted at all of the best retailers.

Although most are under the impression that denim skirts are only for summer, we beg to differ. Pairing your denim skirt with a cowl neck sweater and over the knee boots brings this trend into season.

Denim Jackets

Baggy equals better.

Oversized denim jackets are more of a necessity than ever. These chic jackets are usually pulled from vintage menswear and work so well with most pieces in your closet.

Worried about keeping your jacket exclusive?

Give the jacket a little personal touch by adding embroidery, cutting the sleeves, layering, or even releasing the hem.

Denim is the new wardrobe essential these days.

You can remain casual for a day running errands, or add details that will dress it up for your next night out with the girls.

The proper denim style and item remains versatile and can fit any body type.

Since the summer is over, you’d better rack up before it’s too late!

Alexis Ross

4 of Our Favorite Denim Trends

Werking Women Wednesday – Ask Ashlee


Ask Ashlee happens to be my chosen honoree for #WerkingWomenWednesday because #SHESTAYBUSY! I met Ashlee through a mutual friend and got to know her due to her outgoing attitude and kind spirit. She instantly came into my life as a support system in more ways than one. She offered advice regarding business and personal relationships, my own business ventures and more. As our relationship grew, she also grew personally within her own brand.


Ashlee began promoting for her online platform as a advice columnist and talk show host. During these times, Ashlee gained a significant following due to her knowledge surrounding relationships, self-worth and personal experiences. After attending her live talk show several times, I began truly understanding her vision and the stamp she wanted to leave within the Tri-State area.

Ask Ashlee is a columnist for GEI Magazine, a daily Vlogger, as well as a Talk and Radio Show host. As a mother of two, Ashlee makes moves to always get the job done. She manages a great work and life balance through daily preparation and planning. Ashlee works towards instilling key values into our youth. She also speaks for 5 elementary schools to 4th, 5th and 6th grade girls regarding hygiene. Ashlee coaches volleyball for 6th grade youth. Her key values consist of self love, self worth, healthy relationships and overall empowerment of self.

As a constant inspiration for the community and myself, I applaud Ashlee for the work she is doing within the community. She has no idea how she inspires, motivates and enhances the lives of so many women today. WERK!



Follow her journey!

Facebook: Ask Ashlee

Instagram: @ask_ashlee


Werking Women Wednesday – Ask Ashlee

Handbags on Fleek.

What you got in that bag?

It really doesn’t matter if you’re leaving the house with the most fashionable one.

Like any other promising wardrobe piece, quality handbags are the gifts that keep on giving. We’re seeing some creative design tactics that are going to be in heavy rotation on your closets come Fall. Being ‘must-haves’ is one thing, but these beauties have a ton of longevity- Which should last you way beyond Fall 2017.

The great thing about these handbag trends happens to be that you can style them with your layered, minimal or street chic looks. The styling options for the upcoming trends are endless- Just the way we like them.

One of these bags can take your look to the next level.


end 3



This fall may be bringing on all the chilly feels, which prompts you to be sure you’re dressing warm. Apparently, there is something else that needs to start warm too.

Your handbag.

Adding fur to just about anything is a score. Fur makes us feel luxurious, classy and fab all at the same time (Faux is the way to go).

These puppies are notable for their unique and cozy designs that are perfect to match your fall gear.

Meet our new furry companions that are stylish and chic.


fur 2

fur 1

fur 3

Braggin’ Rights

On occasion, it’s gotta be okay to name drop.

Now- It’s on trend!

These handbags display good brand representation in a BOLD way. If you’re someone who loves to show off your fondness for your labels, whether it’s Calvin Klein or Dolce & Gabbana, this trend is perfect for you.

The great thing about this trend is that these handbags come in different shapes, sizes, and designs. They’re perfect for going to the club or even a formal dinner. It’s all about how you rock it and dress it up.

logo 1

logo 2

logo 3

Issa Collection

Are we seeing doubles? Maybe triples?

The more the merrier.

Extra is always better.

We’ve spotted multiple bags being connected by chic hardware pieces. The fun part is the fact that these multiples are being rocked like one handbag. Runway walkers have been sporting these collections of purses for various designers. This trend is perfect for anyone who likes to separate their makeup, wallet, and other miscellaneous items. If you’re a true lover for fashion, then you’ll find a way to wear it for the cause.

The cause of fashion.

three 1

three 3

three 2

Granny Got Swag

Some trends make you wanna slap yo grandma!

Or at least thank her for the idea.

Vintage purse designs have been revived to cater to the modern day fashion lover. These creative designs have pulled components from the best vintage pieces of the century. Snagging one of these treasures is a must at this point.

Versatility in your handbag selection is key. It’s the only way to continue killing the game!

vintage 1

vintage 2

vintage 5

Extra this, Extra That

Who can’t use a bit of embellishment in the accessories department?

I don’t think any hands should be raised at this point.

Extra embellishments have been spotted on the runway in the worst way.

We’re here for the drama.

These handbags range from clutches to cross overs. You just need to take your purse pick.

Decorative purses have everything you’re looking for. From chained straps to bejeweled sides to feathered broaches. This trend caters to all of our obsessed handbag collectors.

embelish 1

embelish 2

embelish 3

Who says that the main attraction is just the purse?

This next trend is all about the strap.

Straps are taking over the focal point of the purses! There are variations of furs, chains, and leather. This extravagant statement is certainly a eye catcher for those who love a simple purse, but like to add a little glamour here and there.

strap 3

strap 2

straps 1

If you want to complete your looks for this fall, make sure you’re adding some of these handbag trends to your closet very soon.

Serving various purposes, these handbag options have something for everyone. Regardless of whether you’re attending a ballroom dance or taking a trot to the grocery store, the trending bags and trends hold a ton of versatility.

Make one of these handbags your signature piece this fall.



end 5

-Alexis Ross











Handbags on Fleek.

20 Shades of Fall

The reality is that summer is ending. Before you know it you’ll be pushing your sandals and crop tops to the back of your closet. With fall being the best season of the year, it always requires a wardrobe upgrade.

Adding comfy sweaters, thick denim and oversized jackets to your lineup is too easy. You also need to keep your eyes accessorized, stylist and protected from the sun. Many are quick to forget the accessories that they need to re-up on from season to season.

If your shade game isn’t exactly up to par then don’t worry, I have done the work for you. From everyday to special occasions, I’ve selected the most stylish choices of shades that will top off any look for the fall.

Here are some of my favorites from Tom Ford. The featured pairs are as follows:

  • Penelope Metal Cat Eye Sunglasses
  • 60MM Metal Navigator Sunglasses
  • 59MM Mirrored Butterfly Sunglasses
  • 57MM Mirrored Aviator Sunglasses
  • 55MM Cropped Cat Eye Sunglasses


Here are some of my favorites from Prada.

  • 53MM Phantos Mirrored Sunglasses
  • Cat’s-Eye Sunglass
  • Baroque Square Sunglasses
  • 54MM Round Metal & Acetate Sunglasses
  • 52MM Phantos Sunglasses

Here are some of my favorites from Miu Miu Collection (My Personal Fav)

  • 63MM Mirrored Round Sunglasses

  • 52MM Cat Eye Sunglasses
  • Sorbet Square Sunglasses
  • 52MM Semi-Rimless Acetate & Metal Square Sunglasses

  • 57MM Wire-Trim Round Sunglasses


    Here are some of my favorites from Jimmy Choowho designs the best everyday glasses.

  • Andie Glitter-Trim Round Sunglasses
  • 99MM Shield Sunglasses

  • Jade Oversize Sunglasses & Crystal Clip-On Ear Climbers

  • Vivy 51MM Crystal-Embellished Cats-Eye Sunglasses

  • Reto 57MM Mirrored Aviator Sunglasses

How was that for a shady run down? We recommend investing in one pricey pair of sunglasses for the fall. Not only are the designs from name brands amazing, they are also a guarantee of the quality and face value of the product. Accessorizing is key- So, don’t be caught without your fresh pair of sunnies!

-Atavia B

20 Shades of Fall

Werking Women Wednesday – Morgan Owens

Wednesday’s are designed to uplift women- Thanks to #WCW or #WomanCrushWednesday. Through the popular hashtags that are used weekly, the world showcases their love and affection for women in their lives. 

After participating in #WomanCrushWednesday myself, I had thoughts of taking the notion to a deeper level. As a fashion enthusiast based in Cincinnati, I come across many women who make a difference within the community through networking, educating and activism. 

I want to introduce #WerkingWomenWednesday to bring some awareness regarding women who are fierce, confident and are committed to making a change through their tireless work. 

Morgan Owens was chosen as my first honoree of #WerkingWomenWednesday for several reasons. I came across Morgan through a Facebook post, where I asked my audience if any knew how to gain sponsorship for a creative project. Morgan was tagged in the post, and went to ‘friend’ her profile soon after. 

After beginning to understand her mission regarding what she wanted to do for the community, I instantly gravitated towards her. 

I attended her ‘Werk your Werkbook session, which focused on goal alignment and mentoring women in business to achieve their goals. I left inspired and connected to the women within my community who were JUST LIKE ME! That’s some girl power. 

Read more about Morgan, she’s definitely going places.

Bubbly, passionate and determined are a few qualities attributed to Morgan Angelique Owens. A native of Cincinnati, Ohio, Morgan was raised in the ambitious, yet supportive, household of Dr. O’dell Owens and Marchelle Owens, alongside her two brothers, Christopher, and Justin.

Morgan holds a Bachelor’s degree in English/Creative Writing with a Minor in Criminology from Miami University (Oxford, Ohio). She plans to continue pursuing her MBA in Marketing and Social Media. 

In 2012, Morgan became a certified Zumba instructor. While she thought Zumba was fun, she felt there was a need in the Black community for a fitness class that had the right music, the right focus and someone who could relate. In 2014, with the advice of North Avondale Recreation Director, Blake Williams, Morgan decided to launch her own fitness class. Thus, Curvy Cardio was born.  Having struggled with weight issues all her life, Morgan is passionate about motivating others and sharing her story. “I am not a fitness expert, but I know what it takes. I’m never ashamed of my story because it may inspire others,” says Morgan. Curvy Cardio has been featured on WLWT, Issues with Jan Michelle-Kearney, Cincy Chic, The Cincinnati Herald, Fitness Blogs such as Black Women Do Workout, 1230AM, FOX19 a 2016 Bright Awards winner in Entrepreneurship and 2017 Urban League of  Greater Southwestern Ohio Affirmed Honoree and 2017 YMCA Black and Latino Adult Achiever.  Morgan was a featured speaker at Northern Kentucky University, Sister Circle talking to young college women about turning their “stories” into “success.”  Along with teaching Curvy Cardio classes, she has her own fitness clothing line, Fashionably Fit.

Morgan has expanded her brand by offering professional and lifestyle workshops that highlight her sassy personality. Through these workshops, she encourages women to feel powerful and confident no matter where they are in their journey. The goal is to empower women to be themselves and feel that they belong even if they are wearing their pink lipstick and flaunting their sassy attitudes. In 2016, she teamed up with celebrity chef, Chef Stephani “Bambina” Shepherd-Syfax and the Cincinnati Herald Newspaper, to launch a chic new workshop, “Babes in Bizness.” Babes in Bizness is designed to be an innovative workshop series which includes a panel of local, successful entrepreneurs to coach guests in developing their own network within the community. Morgan aims to offer different workshops monthly to highlight business ethic/planning, lifestyle tips including makeup and style, and networking opportunities. 

Morgan is active in the community as a member of the Phi Psi Omega chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. and serves as Technology Chair. She also serves on the Queen City Foundation Board, African American Chamber of Commerce Board and is a former board member of Black Male Initiative at Cincinnati State Technical and Community College. More recently, Morgan was sought out to aid as an influencer for Proctor & Gamble as a voice for African American millennials.

Morgan is highly motivated and open to learn and grow with the help of others. She is a team player, but not opposed to working solo.  She believes you should treat everyone with respect no matter if they are the janitor or CEO. She lives by the belief, “Give a woman a good shade of lipstick and she can conquer the world.”

As an idol of mine, I applaud her for the minds she inspires, the lives she continues to touch and the women continues to motivate. Baby girl has it going on and doesn’t intend on stopping now. WERK!

Follow her journey!

Facebook: Morgan Owens

Instagram: @Miss_Morgan86

Werking Women Wednesday – Morgan Owens

The Newest Fall ’17 Shoe Trends

Fall is struttin’ her way through and she’s ready to knock summer on her ass. Not only is the heat draining the life out of everyone, but it also leaves a smaller selection of looks for us fashion guru’s.

Since we’re so ready for summer, we decided to feature a few trending shoe looks that have caught our attention. These bold shoe statements are comfortable, quirky, and they let everyone know who’s really killing the game.

A bomb shoe can battle the chilling weather, while remaining super stylish with your favorite jeans or dress. For all of our shoe fanatics out there listen up! These upcoming trends will have us all in a frenzy.

shoe 5

WARNING: You may want to shield your eyes immediately- this trend will literally blind you. The glittery, shiny, and bedazzled shoes are definitely necessary to slay in the chilly weather.

Ranging in different variations from collections by top designers such as Chanel to Oscar de la Renta, we’ve seen this starry-eyed trend breaking the internet.

When wearing these beauties, we suggest that you stick to your most classic black blazer and highly distressed and aged denim.

Be sure to add a little shine to your life, and strut confidently. This chic trend is sure to catch someone’s eye.


Sparkle 2

Sparkle 3

ATTENTION! This style has been slowly leaking out of the military and into high fashion. Combat boots are here to stay…

And, slay.

These baddies are no longer just for the brave and the daring… More for the fearless fashionistas. Combat boots are perfect for those long walks through the leaves. The chunky heel allows you to get that extra height and balance that you desire. These boots are best paired with cuffed jeans for that alternative look. Perfect for a lazy day to look casual yet chic. Be the soldier of your own destiny in these bad boys.

Combat 2


Before you chastise someone for the sagging of their clothes… Read about this. Slouching is officially in… At least with boots!

If you’re in a rush, no worry these trend setters are easy to slip on and are comfortable to wear throughout the day. Slouching boots work best with a frayed denim skirt or tucked skinny jeans.

Take your pick.

We already have our selections in our online carts…


Slouch 2



Vermilion, Crimson, Scarlet, Oh My!

Anything red is a go.

Heels to boots. Leather to velvet.

We’re seeing a variety of looks with heavy embellishments like ribbons, lace or zippers

We simply couldn’t imagine completing this list without including this fresh and bold color.

Stick to an all red ensemble or neutral tones to make this look pop.


Red 3

red 4

We’ve barely scratched the surface of all these hot new trends for the fall season. There’s still velvet boots, urban cowboy boots, knee highs, white shoes, and extravagant heels that look like a work of art.

These bold, urban, and alluring fashion statements will have you in utter bliss.

Have you ever hear of the saying walk a mile in someone else’s shoes? These gorgeous fall inspired shoes are waiting to tell your story. So, go ahead and walk a mile in these fashion killers.

Wake. Slay. Sleep. Repeat.

shoe 2

shoe 4



Signing off.

-Alexis Ross










The Newest Fall ’17 Shoe Trends

10 Looks to Rock to a Fashion Event.

It’s summer time and its time to sit back and unwind… for some of us. For the rest of us, it’s the season to make some of our most favorable memories. Rather that includes days at the beach, drunk nights on the town or my personal favorite fashion events. There’s something about summer that makes us want to be our most fashionable savvy selves, especially when attending a fashion event. There are so many choices when it comes to what look you’re going for and these decisions are crucial. Just because everyone coming to see fashion on the models doesn’t mean they won’t be paying attention to what you’re wearing.

We’ve gathered 10 bomb looks from this years’ New York Fashion Week street style that should hopefully give you some inspiration as rip through your closet to find the perfect outfit. Stay chic!



Wide leg pants have been very trendy this year you can easily pair them with a cute flowy blouse or even something more casual.

Graphic Tee’s will never go out of style. They are affordable, convenient, comfortable and versatile. They look good with jeans, skirts or shorts. My personal favorite has to be an oversized tee with knee high boots.

COLOR BLOCK!!! Need I say more? Don’t be afraid to wear some summer colors to brighten up your wardrobe. If you’re anything like me you love black but sometimes you have to switch it up.

Another trendy combo is the layered look. With a plain tee (short sleeve or long sleeve) layered under a cool spaghetti strap dress, tank, or crop will complete the look.

Another layered look for any time is a floor length cardigan. Even if you have on something really casual its easy to dress it up with one.


– Atavia Bishop

10 Looks to Rock to a Fashion Event.