Bloggin’ and Committin’.

Who am I?

Sydney Murdock, a Fashion Stylist and Creative Director based in Cincinnati, Ohio.
What do I want?
I want a place where I am able to document my journey as a Fashion Stylist. I want my supporters and followers to have a place where they are able to get a better understanding of what I do as a stylist, and how I do it. I want to be able to fully express myself and my love for fashion through words, photographs, and inspiration.
What will I post?
The possibilities when creating a blog are endless. It is my goal to create posts geared towards my journey as a Fashion Stylist, my personal evolution of style, the latest fashion news and releases that I am interested in, key fashion advice and tips, and features of fashion moguls with whom I network with.
When will I post?
My goal is to post one quality post per week. There may be times when I throw up a photograph for inspiration, or a rant on a fashion editorial that I’m dying to share, but my commitment is to provide one quality and in-depth post per week.
Where can you reach me?
Have a question? Need a consultation? In need of a stylist? I am open to new experiences, please feel free to contact me via email at
I’ve done a ton of research regarding the blogging lifestyle, and I am still learning the basics. I am here to share my growth as a Fashion Stylist, to gather knowledge that will help me along the way, and to share my interests with others who consider themselves fashion moguls, or those who are simply interested in looking and feeling good! Enjoy!
Bloggin’ and Committin’.

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