Treacherous Trenchin’.

My life is quickly spawning out of control, while coming together at the same time.

As we move into October, I’m learning how invested I am when it comes to Fall fashion.

What gets me so excited?

Maybe it’s the hefty leathers that add edge to every look …

Or, Maybe it’s the crisp denim that becomes a key essential when the seasons change…

Possibly it’s the chic blazers that compliment any leather pair of leggings…

I’m rambling.

But, whatever it may be intrigues me to no end.

When I saw Kanye West in his fashion editorial in August,

I had no words, I was stunned.

Not only due to my profound love for this guy as a creative, an individual and a rap genius…

But, due to his simplistic views on personal style that make such a drastic impact.

In his spread, he explained, “It’s not about having on a lot of clothes… It’s about a few favorites.”

I guess Mr. West inspired this look.


As my style is coming into its own,

I’m learning to rely on key pieces in my wardrobe…


Fashion essentials happen to be those pieces we can’t live without,

Those pieces build up every look.

Pieces that enhance each look by simplistic or complex means.

Whatever is necessary.

So, when I ran into this glorious, camel-colored trench- you know it was an essential match made in heaven.

My trench is a timeless, vintage piece.

One that was a steal at my local thrift store for $12.99,

Which resembles Kanye’s, by the Calvin Klein collection for $4,995.


On top of being simple and stylish,

A huge factor for me is comfort.

My white-washed jeans from the men’s section give me just that; comfort.

Cuffing them at the bottom is a necessity.

I hear cuffed and cropped denim are in this season.

I topped…

Or, should I say, I bottomed this look off with banging, open-toe heels,

And light jewelry to compliment.

Oh, and as of now… I don’t leave the house without the chunky watch.


I guess you can say this post is full of confidence.

But, it’s outlined in vanity

Because Yeezy taught me well.




Trench: Thrift Shop

Blouse: H&M (Conscious Exclusive Collection)

Denim: Levi’s

Footwear: Nine West

Clutch: H&M

Jewelry: F21

Red Dress Photography

Treacherous Trenchin’.

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