Denim Blues.

As infatuated as I’ve been with denim,

I’ve been considering taking on a role as a denim connoisseur…

It’s great to be optimistic, right?

I’ve got other creative positions to play at the moment.


As the days are getting cooler,

I’m focusing more and more on comfort.

Whether that be the warmth of the garment or the fit…

Comfort has been my deal breaker,

Which definitely inspired this look.

The denim on denim trend has been brewing for the past year, or so.

I’ve bathed in every minute of it.


Denim makes a statement.

Denim draws attention.

Denim holds versatility.

It can be used as a key fashion statement, as comfortable work wear, or as an everyday essential.

Whatever reason you choose to wear it,

Denim is a staple piece that holds weight in every closet.


I don’t find anything more comfortable than clothes I can move in…

So, picking through the men’s section is always a must when shopping.

I found this denim, utility shirt by GAP.

And, I had to have it.

It’s oversized, bleached, and well-made.

I knew the shirt would go well with my Levi’s at home.

Or, any other pieces of denim that I owned.

Cuffing the sleeves and the bottom of my Levi’s gave the look a ‘styled’ approach.

It made it look like I actually cared.

The strappy sandals added femininity to the look,

Which wasn’t a necessity.

And, they weren’t comfortable.

So, I switched to boots.

Just a spur of the moment change.


Accessories were simple essentials that I keep around…

Gold hoops, chains, knuckle rings…

Oh, can’t forget the watch.

I wanted the denim to speak,

So, I kept everything else light.


I added a hat later…

To complete the look.

I thought it added some edge,

And, something else to look at.


DSC_0131-24 DSC_0140-25

Hat: Bebe

Jewelry: F21

Top: GAP (Men’s)

Jeans: Levi

Clutch: H&M

Strappy Heels: Nine West

Boots: Torrid

Red Dress Photography

Denim Blues.

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