Black Out.

Black is my favorite color to wear…

Can’t you tell?

I feel most comfortable wearing black versus any other color.


There’s something about black…

Something that’s seductive,

Something that’s arousing,

Something that’s enticing…

While remaining safe at the same time.


Black is a classic fashion statement.

One that can be pure and basic, or excessive and gaudy.

Whatever your style is; There is always room for black in the equation.



For me, black speaks volumes…


Black commands attention.

While remaining uniform at the same time.

Blend in or stand out.

Black is multidimensional.






I do love black on black, but  it has to be spruced up with accessories, pops of color, or bold textures to remain fascinating.

It’s so easy to throw on all black, carelessly…

And, to create a look that is lifeless and dull.

Put some effort into it.



I love dressing in black layers, while playing with various textures.

Wearing a cotton t-shirt under a leather jacket…

Paired with embellished leggings and pumps sounds so delicious is black.

The variety in textures and styles combined in one creates depth…

It’s funky.

Not so bland.


There is so much that I can do with the black pieces in my closet.

I honestly get more wear out of my black pieces, than any others…

They go with just about anything.


I styled myself in a few all black looks, with my everyday pieces that were in my closet.

I enjoyed pairing rejuvenated pieces from my local thrift shop with more up to date pieces.

It came together well.

And, I felt extremely stylish and sleek in my black attire.





Anjali Fong Photography
(812) 733 0328

Black Out.

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