Sporty Chic.


A huge piece of who I am as a creative stems from fashion styling.

I started styling small photo shoots and fashion shows (out of curiosity) about four years ago.

Since starting out, I believe that I’ve grown a tremendous amount as a stylist and a creative.

Through mentors, research, and standard education, I’ve been able to further my career in styling on a local level.

As I move forward and continue to polish my portfolio, I hope to create my own platform as a fashion stylist…

And, to evolve in order to change this hobby into a full-time job and career.


When brainstorming regarding what my portfolio needed next, I knew one thing…

That I wanted to fully challenge myself.

I knew that I’d never styled a shoot that was related to sportswear, menswear, or minimalism.

I was inspired by the ‘Go Pro’ sportswear editorial by Sebastian Kim for Vogue Australia.




I enjoyed the heavy play on sportswear that was paired with key, high fashion pieces and accessories.

The combination just popped for me.

It pushed me to ‘get it’. and to approach sportswear.


As I created a visual board regarding the shoot,

I collected images from various editorials and street style shots.

That’s what helped me form an idea of what it was that I wanted…

Something that I was able to share with the other creatives on the team.

I wanted to create looks that were sporty, of course.

But, I also wanted the looks to be chic in the same sense.


My garment bag was filled with a number of pieces…

Basic button downs, leather jackets, mesh blouses, graphic t-shirts, ball caps, and jersey’s.

Combination sounds crazy, I know.

But, it turned out to be a hit once we hit the set.




I partnered with Dayton photographer, Lamar Pacley on this concept.

I knew his work was clean cut.

I knew his techniques were sharp,

That he was detailed.

All of these things were needed in my portfolio.

When I presented the concept to Lamar,

He understood and created a set that added to the simplicity that the styling held.



Our makeup artist was Najah Johnson.

She’s a great makeup artist from Cincinnati, Ohio…

One that I’ve worked with on several different projects for over a year.

Not only is she open to various concepts and lines of work,

But, she genuinely wants what is best for her clients.

Her precision regarding beauty techniques is constantly growing…


She’s building a name for herself.

We’re all young creatives.



While the models switched turns in the makeup chair,

I quickly steamed all of my pieces.

Lamar preppred the set,

Adjusted lighting.

Everyone was focused,

While Childish Gambino played in the background.

I think that was enough to set the mood…



Lamar Pacley


Najah Johnson






 Photographer: Lamar Pacley

Creative Director: Sydney Murdock

MUAH: Najah Johnson

Fashion Stylist: Sydney Murdock

Model(s): Danielle Pinion, Mason Elder, Niyah Jackson

Sporty Chic.

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