Featuring Creatives.

Blogging about my fashion interests and looks of the day has been exhilarating.

Sharing my interests with my audience, and actually receiving feedback has been an eye opening experience.

Although I could talk about my individual ideas and notions regarding the fashion industry all day…

There is more to life.

Shedding light on fellow creatives is something that has always been important to me.

Coming from Ohio, I’ve met and networked with so many brilliant creatives,

Some of those who never have the chance to reveal their stories to the world.

Not because their not good enough, but due to various circumstances…

Their location, timing, or lack of funding to make their vision known.

I see this as a place where I’m able to change that,

Even if I’m starting small.

A part of my blog will consist of sharing the stories of rising artists and creatives,

Those whom I’ve come in contact with, networked with, or those that I simply admire.

It’s only right.

Featuring Creatives.

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