LA’s Own, Alexis Henry.

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We all have dreams…

Yes, I know.

But, it takes a certain type of person to actually make them come true.

One who is familiar with the bottom, and allows that chilling familiarity to push them to the top.

Yeah, we all want to be seen and heard…

But, who has the audacity to walk right into the heart of the fashion industry

And, demand a fair chance?

A chance to prove that their work is unmatched?

A chance to rise as a fashion mogul?

I think Alexis Henry fits the bill.

Who is Alexis Henry?

Fashion Model, signed to True Model Management of New York,

Fashion marketing student, and vintage store co-owner.

Did I mention that she’s only 23 years old?

And, from Springfield, Ohio?

Since meeting her years ago, I’ve managed to keep in contact.

Her journey starting here in Ohio and fully taking flight in Los Angeles, California can be described with two words…

Pure ambition.

In between running to photo shoots, managing her own store, and strutting down the runway for LA Fashion week…

I knew she’d be too busy to interview with me.

But, when I asked to feature her on my blog, she was eager to assist in anyway that she could.

I knew I had to catch her now…

Right before she takes flight.


How long have you been working in the creative industry?
“As of today, I started in this field as a model 4 years ago. I got into makeup artistry then made the ultimate move to LA to finish school for fashion.”

What made you want to get involved in the industry?
“Fashion is what sparked my interest. As a kid I would be playing dress up with my little sisters and cousin and always trying to piece clothes together. I used to take my moms makeup box and play in her makeup all day. As I matured fashion was always relevant. My family wasn’t rich so thrifting was something I fell in love with and my mom taught me how to be frugal. Even today I love to find unique pieces and incorporate them in my wardrobe. I got scouted by a shady agency when I was 17, and that mishap started my modeling career. Even though I didn’t sign with them I worked freelance on my own and booked my own shows and shoots for 4 years. Walking for designers, and even learning the makeup trade gained not only experience, but solidified my love for the industry. You really learn the truth and hardships when you learn all aspects of it.”

What is your main focus on right now?
“Currently I’m working on finishing my degree. Amongst my time in LA, I’ve done fit modeling and various shoots. I just got back into runway so I’m pretty psyched about that. Junk Drawer is another investment I share with a friend, where we resell vintage pieces. Right now we’re working out the kinks and styling books to better promote our store.”

Who is your favorite style icon?
“My top style icon would have to be Rihanna. Yet, not based on her music or fan base. She came into this game and totally changed what iconic meant. Back in the days, you were a style icon based on designer usage or magazine publications. The thing about Rihanna is that she simply wears what she loves and therefore is sought after. She isn’t my favorite singer, but she dresses her ass off with garments she chooses. Designers want her simply because she has no limitations to style and is confident. She can pull of any look, good or bad and does it effortlessly. To me, iconic is having that wow factor but having the confidence to match.”

How would you describe your personal style?
“My personal style has no limitations. I don’t stick to a specific “genre” or style. If I wake up and feel edgy, I’ll rock a leather jacket and some sneaks. Then at night, switch to my highest pumps. If I feel sexy, I’ll illuminate my features that I feel are sexy, like my legs. I love having the freedom to dress accordingly and to  my taste. I will say black is one of my favorite wardrobe colors simply because of versatility. I’m a cancer so I dress based on my mood and feelings.”

What inspires you?
“Struggle. From what I’ve went through to get to this point in life has taught me to never forget your roots. I work with a lot of people that have opportunities handed to them easily, so for me to literally start at the bottom is refreshing. Whenever business and opportunities fail, or my future seems bleak, I always remind myself of how far I came. Knowingly, this industry is not for the weak, and if you can thicken your skin at some of your most early vulnerable moments, I think that speaks volumes regarding your future.”

What do you think sets you apart from other creatives in your same field?
“I’m relatable. We can talk all day about this garment, that photo shoot concept, or this piece and for what styling purpose, but when it comes down to it, we can also grab coffee and chop it up like real people. I have a mindset that you have to always stay firm with your creativity and work ethic, but you also have to relate to your audience. There isn’t a one lane of communication. I have personality along with everything I do and work for and that counts when it comes to building yourself and networking.”

What has been your greatest accomplishment while working in the creative field?
Failing. If I wouldn’t have failed at various things, I would have never gotten the mindset to move from my comfort zone to a big city. As of today, I’m totally comfortable with rejected ideas or failed attempts at opportunities because it’s all a learning experience. It truly helps solidify your character as a creative professional. The hardest part in this industry is essentially proving to others that you what you do, what you like, what you know, and who you are as a person is valid. You absolutely have to know how to mess up and suck it up.”

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
“Within 5 years, I plan on being a creative director for a leading fashion magazine. I’ll most likely reside in New York to further my career, yet will be traveling internationally for industry shows and business.”


Her success wasn’t served to her on a silver platter…

Her dreams are her reality because of her work ethic.

Something that everyone doesn’t have, but something that many hope to reap the benefits of.

One thing that Lexi has taught me is to be very precise regarding the moves that you make…

The moves that can stimulate or depress your ultimate career goal in this industry.

I’d say watch out for her.

She’s coming for the fashion industry whether you’re ready or not!

Instagram: @catwalk_this
Clothing IG: @junkdrawervintage
LA’s Own, Alexis Henry.

3 thoughts on “LA’s Own, Alexis Henry.

  1. Andrea says:

    I am so proud of this young woman. In an industry under fire for Photoshop and negative body image views, she makes it about the art and confidence. If there were more like her, I wouldn’t freak out when my young daughters express an interest in fashion. She is not only taking the industry by storm, she is doing so as a role model for hard work and integrity.


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