Fashion Bombshell of the Day

So, I’ve been fashion styling for the past four years…

But, I’d say that this year is the first year that I decided to take my career into my own hands.

When saying this, I mean that this is the first year that I’ve actually taken my career seriously.

The fashion industry is a huge market-

One that many get lost in.

But, I’m searching for work that will motivate me to go against the grain…

Work that will distinguish me as a stylist,

And help me to stand out.

Starting this blog meant focusing on myself,

branding myself,

And showcasing myself more than I ever have.

For me, this is a very frightening feeling,

Because I don’t like the spotlight.

Personally, I enjoy allowing my work to speak for itself.

But, they say that people always want to put a face with a name…

So, I’m all in.

While branding myself, I wanted to make some moves that would get my name out there.

I’m not good at publicity…

But, I decided to submit some photos of myself to Fashion Bomb Daily.

Fashion Bomb Daily is a highly followed fashion blog that was started in 2006 by Claire Sulmers.

The blog provides daily insight on multicultural fashion, fashion news, show reviews, wardrobe advice, and celebrity style.

Claire has a feature each day for the ‘Fashion Bombshell of the Day’,

Which showcases a fashionista of the day.

He or she is able to express their style through 5-6 photos that are accompanied with commentary.

When I sent my photos in, I definitely didn’t think that I’d be chose.

I’d sent my photos in years ago, and I heard nothing back.

But, what the heck…

It was worth a try, because she picked me as the ‘Fashion Bomshell of the Day’ last week!

When I received the email response, saying that I would be featured…

I read it over and over again.

The fact that Claire, or someone on her team took the time to view my photos,

And, thought that I was worthy enough to be featured was fascinating to me.

With the blog having over 2.4 million monthly visitors,

I thought this was a pretty big deal.

Some of my favorite fashionistas had been featured as Fashion Bombshells,

And, to be a part of this blog was an honor.

When it went viral, I received so much feedback.

I used to be the type of person who would get extremely offended by criticism…

But, once I realized the industry that I was breaking into,

I saw there was absolutely NO room for it.

Some comments were extremely positive, motivating, and kind- regarding my personal style.

Some followers were indifferent about my style,

And some were just not impressed…

Which is OKAY!

I’m taking some of the criticism that was constructive,

And applying it to my personal style daily.

The fact that I was featured was enough for me.

I gained quite a buzz and a huge following from simply having my picture, website, and Instagram link on the blog.

This buzz really got more people to look at my work as a stylist,

Which was gratifying for me.

No negative comments about my work…

So, I’m good.

Follow the link to check out my feature.


fashion bombshell of the day

Fashion Bombshell of the Day

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