Mel Ottenberg



That name always rings a bell…

Or three.

Standing as a hit making, Pop Icon, Rihanna constantly grabs my attention.

From her racy lyrics, to her jaw-dropping features- She is a walking piece of art.

Appearing to be an artist who is always on the go, Rihanna effortlessly transitions from world tours to magazine shoots, and onto high profile appearance where she is viewed by millions.

Seems like a fast paced, but glamorous life. One that most of us would love to live.

But, there is something that makes Rih-Rih stand out from other artists.

Something that separates her from simply being a Pop Star…

That being her distinct presence and relevance in the fashion industry.

Sitting front row at many runway shows of top designers, with a constant evolution of exceptional style, RIhanna has become a fashion icon as well.


Now, with her hectic schedule, there would be little to no room for Rihanna to compile various looks for appearances, performances, tours, photo shoots, and her everyday look.

So, who does have time? Whose job is it to mold the flawless image of this icon?

Mel Ottenberg;


His editorial styling can be spotted in some of the hottest magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar, V, GQ Style, Purple, and Dazed and Confused.

Ottenberg has been hired by clients such as GAP, Levi’s, Lucky Brand Jeans, River Island, and Balmain.

He has named his styling relationship with Pop icon, Rihanna something special…

“The Rihanna Effect,” which dates back to his first styling gig with her on the set of the ‘We Found Love’ music video in 2011.


Being asked to style this music video that was groundbreaking for Rihanna’s career, Ottenberg took an unlikely approach.

He styled the majority of the video with pieces that he snatched from his boyfriends’ wardrobe!

Ottenberg’s boyfriend happened to be designer, Adam Selman, who had been designing for Rihanna in the past.


After meshing well with the Pop Icon, Ottenberg joined her team and began working with Rihanna, Adam Selman and Jeremy Scott on the LOUD tour.

With his expertise in styling from magazine editorials, his knowledge regarding the history and direction of pop culture, and Rihanna’s true love for fashion…

The combination was ELECTRIC!




Being styled in fabulous pieces that always push the envelope, Rihanna manages to make each look her very own whenever she makes an appearance.

Ottenberg has worked for mold the image of Rihanna by styling her in pieces that enhance her beauty, and stray from masking it.

Describing her style as sexy, glamorous, but streetwise, he works with her to capitalize on her love and knowledge for fashion.




Although, Ottenberg loves styling her, Rihanna is not his only styling job. He doesn’t travel with her normally due to his own hectic schedule that consists of consulting for Nike, styling for magazines, and working as a fashion director for the Vanguard Culture Journal 032C. Ottenberg keeps one central assistant to maintain Rihanna matters only.

With his rise to fame among fashion designers, celebrities and fans, Ottenberg has been requested to style and mold other celebrities and high-rollers, but turns down all other offers.

Styling Rihanna is a full time job within itself.




Collaborating with Rihanna, Ottenberg has made a huge name for himself and broke barriers by taking fashion risks that have kept Rihanna’s name in the mouths of millions.

I’d say he’s doing a phenomenal job. Don’t you?


Mel Ottenberg

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