Neutrals in my closet have been my go-to items for the past month.

I’m focused on deciding what my personal style is and what I want it to consist of.

During this journey, I can say that I am gravitating towards incorporating neutrals into my everyday looks.

Not only am I incorporating neutrals, but I’m also tapping into monochromatic looks by wearing one neutral on top and bottom.

I’m into the clean looks that are uniform, but still fashionable.

That’s what I tried to do with this look.


I’m not a fan or follower of the rules when it comes to wearing white.

I make my own rules, and I wear what I want.

I think that styling myself should be based off of how I feel and what I like.

When I saw this textured sweatshirt at Forever21 last week,

I knew that I needed it in my closet.

Not only was it a neutral, but it could go with a million different things.

I can wear this with dark denim, under a leather jacket, or with a tight pencil skirt.

It just works, and the texture is what won me over.


I paired my new sweatshirt with these textured pants that I found at the thrift shop.

I wanted to mix textures while wearing all white, to steer from a boring look.

The mixing of the textures really worked for me, bringing the slightest edge to this look.

I loved the combination.



DSC_1487 The nude pumps were the perfect match for this look…

Not too harsh.

The neutral tone complimented the white look perfectly.

DSC_1564My accessories were gold, of course.

I can’t get away from gold… Like ever.

I feel like gold compliments my skin tone so well,

I’d choose gold over silver any day, at any time.

I’ve been focusing on trying to nail details with each look…

So, these knuckle rings were a given.

They add a small detail to this look, and they’re inexpensive.


 Top: Forever21

Pants: Thrift Store

Shoes: Forever21

Jewelry: Forever21

Red Dress Photography


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