Emerald Green.

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So, I’m trying to work color into my wardrobe for 2015 to change it up a bit.

Yes… You guys know how I love to remain loyal to my neutrals on a day to day basis… But, I can definitely use some color every now and then.

I enjoy colors, but I’ve found them to be difficult to wear for a few reasons.

Neutrals are safe, sleek and interchangeable at all times.

I know that when I purchase something in a neutral color, I’m going to get a ton of wear out of it.

I can use a neutral piece, and pair it with at least four to five looks, without it looking repetitive.

With color, I know that I’m forced to take some risks with the limit of times I can wear it and the ways that I’m able to wear it.

But, I’m willing to try!


I decided to pick a color to start with, and I’ll move from there.

I recently fell in love with the color Emerald Green.

After spotting it on Pinterest, on fellow blogs, and in the stores several times, I decided to zero in on it.

I gravitated towards it because it’s deep, majestic, and it’s dark enough that I’m able to pair it with any neutral tone.

I think the color really compliments my skin tone and my new hair color.

I styled 3 different looks using the color Emerald Green.

I aimed to make each look very different.



This first look features my new trench coat that I purchased from le’ thrift.

I’d say that it was a freaking steal, because it fits just right, it’s the perfect length and I can pair it with a few different looks.

I was intrigued that I found a trench like this in a color that wasn’t a neutral.

Although it’s vintage, I’d say that the style is still very current.

I think many companies are currently aiming to create trench coats like this one…

And, it happens to be in MY closet.


I don’t change up my jewelry that much.

I think that I like simple studs and hoops because I like allowing the look to shine.

I’m not big on a ton of accessories, unless it’s a special occasion.


I added my vintage watch and gold bracelet to have some arm candy.

I feel like gold really compliments the green.

It’s what I wear most.


I paired the trench with some simple denim, a white button down top, and my nude pumps.

I wanted this look to be very effortless…

Something that I’d wear on a casual day, while still looking and feeling amazing.

The color worked out well.

View More: http://knoxprophoto.pass.us/uncommon

My second look featured an Emerald Green blazer that I snagged from le’ thrift as well.

I purchased this blazer a while ago for a photo shoot, and it was never used.

While shifting though the tons of clothes that I have at home, I stumbled across it…

And, remembered why I purchased it in the first place.

Not only is the color phenomenal, bit the pattern is unique and stylish as well.

View More: http://knoxprophoto.pass.us/uncommon

View More: http://knoxprophoto.pass.us/uncommon

I paired it with a basic black top and black jeggings.

I threw on my black heels to pull the look together.

Comfortable and still chic.

View More: http://knoxprophoto.pass.us/uncommon


For my final look, I decided to spice it up a bit.

I found this fabulous green fur jacket online last year…

I’ve been dying to wear it.

Although it’s full of color, buying it last year was NOT an option.

I saw it on eBay, and I knew I’d regret not purchasing this stellar piece.

Not only am I a huge fur fan, but I also believe that this pieces holds so much personality and attitude. View More: http://knoxprophoto.pass.us/uncommon


I went all out by pairing the fur jacket with my leather boots and leather tank top.

I thought it brought the funk out of me…

Even if it was only for a short amount of time.

I’m trying new things…

Right?View More: http://knoxprophoto.pass.us/uncommon

To bring some glam into the look, I decided to wear my beaded statement necklace that I pulled from Aldo this past April for graduation.

I think the look came together well, and I felt like such a badass. View More: http://knoxprophoto.pass.us/uncommonI’ll be experimenting with more color in the near future.

I haven’t uploaded an outfit of the day or any photos of myself in a while.

This was far past due.

I hope you guys enjoy this post and I hope you all enjoy your holiday season.


Photography by Knox Professional Photography



(419) 564-2720

Emerald Green.

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