As I’m working on perfecting my own personal style, I’m realizing the small details that I’m falling in love with. I used to be heavily into statement necklaces, chunky bracelets, hefty rings, and chandelier earrings. I’m moving away from the love of accessories that overpower the look that I’m going for. As I’m simplifying my personal style, my load of accessories have lightened quite a bit.IMG_0266 (2)I found some new pieces to add to my accessory drawer. These were pieces that I couldn’t pass up, they were all so dainty, lightweight, and beautiful at the same time. I found three necklaces, a set of knuckle rings, a pinky ring and a pair of studs. All of these pieces came from Forever 21. A lot of people that I know don’t want to shop at Forever 21, they have a reputation of being ‘cheap’. However, I beg to differ. I purchase their small pieces of jewelry all of the time, and I get a ton a wear out of them. I feel like I can’t go wrong in their accessory section with their various options, shapes and sizes.IMG_0268 (2) Tiny pieces of gold and silver jewelry are things that I’ve been gravitating towards for the past few months. I’m all for the simple things these days, if you can’t tell.I think my new pieces are adding the perfect touch to a ton of my essentials in my closet. Not too much, not too little- Just enough.IMG_0272 (2)I also decided to pair my look with my handy dandy watch from Forever 21, which goes with everything. I am looking into purchasing a nice watch in the near future. I bought this one a few months ago to challenge myself to wear a watch on a day to day basis. I have beat that challenge, and I’ve made myself comfortable sporting a watch every single day. I’m proud. IMG_0274 (2)I’m OBSESSED with knuckle rings right now. I know they’re trendy, and possibly seen as a fad, but I can’t help it. They add so much to the look, and bring attention to the hands. I love this set that I bought this weekend. They all match, and they are silver. What do you guys think about lightweight accessorizing? It’s my go-to thing when getting dressed now!


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