I told you guys that I wanted to add some color to my wardrobe a few weeks back, and it’s actually working out nicely. I’ve been shopping high and low for pieces that excited me or catch my attention and I’ve honestly been very happy with my results. I’m really proud of myself for mixing it up a bit!


I spotted this textured jacket in an outlet store in Columbus, Ohio. I had to have it due to it’s amazing texture and hardware… Not to mention the fact that it’s cropped. When purchasing black pieces, I try not to continue buying the exact same things over and over again. I try to find black items that have something that stands apart from others that I already own. Whether it be the texture, embellishments, or the cut- It has to stand out. I knew this piece would work well in my closet, and would pair with a sexy dress or a simple white t-shirt and skinny jeans.


I found this red skirt at my local thrift shop, and I was surprised that someone opted to give it away in the first place. The skirt is 100% silk, and I got it for an amazing deal. I’m usually not big on red because I’ve always felt that it was too loud for me. I think I’ve changed my mind!


I loved the skirt because it was a midi length, the slit was high, and the color was vibrant. This skirt screams sexy to me, and it paired nicely with the jacket. What do you guys think of the combination?


Red Dress Photography


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