Lady in Red.


I’ve made a commitment to myself to never allow my surroundings or situation become the excuse for why I am not successful. Being a girl that was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, becoming a fashion connoisseur seemed pretty far fetched to many people. Cincinnati has never been a remote city for high fashion, magazines, or open minded creatives-  But, someone has to be the change. As I continue to chase my dreams, I’ve made a point to utilize the great resources that have been allotted to me to get me a step further. One of the amazing resources that has been thrown on my path is Cincy Chic. Cincy Chic is an online lifestyle publication for women in the Greater CIncinnati area. I’ve been interning with Cincy Chic since late November, and being involved with this amazing publication and being mentored by it’s founder, Amy Scalia has been nothing short of eye-opening. I am a fashion and event intern for Cincy Chic, which means I’m a part of a team that prepares and runs local fashion events. Some of these events showcase local boutiques, designers and businesses for its subscribers to become familiar with. I’ve been learning the ins and outs of event planning, preparation, as well as the running of a fashion publication. I’ve met countless professionals in my area, networked with fashion bloggers, and I’ve worked hard for a publication that I’m proud to represent.


Last Friday, Cincy Chic hosted it’s annual Lady in Red event. Lady in Red is an unforgettable fashion fundraiser for the American Heart Association. Ladies and Gentlemen were asked to attend this event to support the cause, proceeds of this event go to the American Heart Association’s ‘Go Red for Women’ campaign.


Decked out in their red attire, Cincy Chic supporters came ready to start their weekend off proper with this smashing event. The room was full of great vibes and people, from bloggers to stylists, designers to business owners, everyday women to general supporters, everyone was there. I mingled through the crowd during a slither of down time, and I snagged a few photographs of some chic fashionistas during the event. Supporters shopped with special discounts provided by Macy’s, enjoyed a fabulous fashion show and sipped on endless cocktails throughout the evening.

IMG_0730 IMG_0678 IMG_0743 IMG_0684 IMG_0707 IMG_0728 IMG_0738 IMG_0736 IMG_0747 IMG_0737

These ladies and gentlemen were dressed to impress! Wouldn’t you agree?

Lady in Red.

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