Powder Pink.


Would you believe me if I told you that I screamed when I saw this powder pink coat on the rack? Well, I did. Loud enough for three other shoppers to whip their heads around to stare at me. Who cares? This was a MAJOR steal. I was shopping at my local thrift shop, Valley Thrift Store, and stumbled upon this beautifully made coat. I knew it was perfect for me- the color was muted, but still very relevant. I can create so many different looks with it, and for some reason, I’m feeling pink right now.


I paired it with a simple white button down, blue Levi’s and my nude pumps. The entire look was thrifted, of course. I wanted to keep it simple to showcase the coat and because I had a ton of errands to run yesterday. In the middle of this busy week, simple looks are my go-to.




I kept accessories light, per usual. I will probably never be into heavily using accessories again. I feel like less is always more for me, I allow my look to speak.



What do you guys think about my new outerwear pieces? I’m gawking over it every time I open my closet. I mean, look at it! It’s a beauty. Until next time!


Powder Pink.

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