The Cincinnati Fashion Event.


I had the chance to attend one of the most amazing runway shows in my city on Saturday.


I must say that I was extremely impressed.

The Cincinnati Fashion Event featured ‘Under the Gunn’ finalists, Asha Daniels and Sam Donovan, local designers including Amy Kirchen, Sally Ackerman, Marissa Graham, as well as looks from fashion historian, stylist and collector, Tony Tiemeyer.


I feel that this fashion event showed the true potential of the city if Cincinnati, in a fashion sense.


The planning and level of professionalism that went into this show is unmatched in this city.


I have never seen a runway show with this level of creativity and precision.


I enjoyed each collection that was showcased, and I feel each designer or stylist was able to fully give the audience an experience that stemmed from their vision.



I was happy to have been a part of the audience.


IMG_1332 IMG_1322 IMG_1279 IMG_1706 IMG_1261

All photos taken by Sydney Murdock

The Cincinnati Fashion Event.

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