Style Crush- Solange Knowles


As an artist, I know that it’s definitely NOT easy to find inspiration that is authentic and valuable.

When looking through various editorials, advertisements, and celebrity styles, I can’t help but see constant repetition.

There are few individuals that inspire me, but Solange Knowles happens to be one of them.

I’ve been keep track of her style evolution for years now, and I must say that she can do absolutely NO wrong in my eyes.

When I think about her fashion sense and style, I automatically think in regards of class, originality, and detail.

The Houston, Texas raised style icon has come a long way from red box braids, embellished denim and mid-drift tank tops.



In contrast, you can catch her in more mature fits including matching patterns, over sized suiting pieces, silk blouses, vibrant colors that are all paired with her naturally styled curls.

Not only did she change the game, but her beauty is completely natural. Solange’s naturally beauty always shines through, she’s never too caked up with excessive makeup- which is something I adore about her!


Yes, anyone can color block, pile on prints and rock their natural fro.

What sets Solange apart is the constant attention that is paid to the detailing for each look, as well as the undying amount of confidence that she carries when she’s being photographed and interviewed.



Being under the wing of her older sister, Solange blossomed into her own by defining herself within the public eye as a creative. While remaining a fashion icon, she is also a singer-songwriter and the former Creative and Art Director of Puma.

Her sense of style holds remnants of 70s glam, street style, with a dash of Afrocentric attitude. I love every bit of it, everyone isn’t as clever or confident to pair some of her looks and wear the hell out of them!


Solange gives me life every time she crosses my timeline. How about you?!

Style Crush- Solange Knowles

2 thoughts on “Style Crush- Solange Knowles

  1. Freda says:

    I love a lot of what she wears. I can’t say I love everything, but I definitely always love that she is confident& bold about her look.


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