So, they finally decided to give the boys a shot.

And, it was worth the wait.

The press has been buzzing for a while about big changes being made in the New York that are directly related to the showcasing of men’s fashion.

The Council of Fashion Designers of America introduced the first New York Fashion Week: Men’s, which showcased American men’s fashion for Spring/Summer 2016.

Presented by Amazon Fashion, East Dane and MyHABIT, Men’s Fashion Week took off on July 13 with solid backing from Cadillac, Shinola, DreamWorks Animation, Dockers and more.

Being the first New York Fashion Week for Men, there was obviously an array of excitement, a list of questions and a line of men and women who were holding high expectations for the runway shows.

As most fashion gurus know, the menswear market is showing groundbreaking numbers which have only pushed the process and development of this event. It’s clear that men are just as invested in their appearance and the evolution of the fashion industry as women are.

The four day showcase that featured emerging and veteran designers was held at the Skylight Clarkson Square in Manhattan. Each designer managed to reconstruct various settings within the venue to highlight their own ideas and feelings regarding their collections.

Although menswear is normally seen tagging along with womenswear in September and February, timing couldn’t have been better to release innovative fashion lines for men within their own proximity.

This week, the blog will feature several of my favorite collections that had heavy impact at New York Men’s Fashion Week.

Stay tuned!



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