Narciso Rodriguez Fall 2015


In preparation for the cooler part of the year, I wanted to showcase one of my favorite collections for the fall. I think most people with a fashion background find excitement in the fall and winter months because we actually get to DRESS. From layering, to dabbling with deeper hues, to even mixing up our accessories- The cooler months allow us to truly experiment with different levels of styling.

I viewed this collection the other day and I really had an appreciation for the color palette, attention to detail and the movement that each garment gave the audience while on the runway. Each model looked very elongated and lengthened due to the knee length dress and skirts, floor length trousers, and very high waist lines. To add to the sleekness of the collection, tops were very form fitting underneath flowing vests and coats. The fashion models are being called living fashion croquis due to their amazing similarities to fashion sketches- I’d definitely agree. The minimal styling and accessorizing complimented the collection perfectly. These high quality pieces were constructed with extreme attention to detail and movement. The designers nailed this entire look.

_A2X0017 MARC0029 _A2X0032 _A2X0046 MARC0081 MARC0093 _A2X0133 MARC0181 MARC0197 _A2X0275 MARC0265 _A2X0399 MARC0427 _A2X0635 MARC0499 MARC0543 _A2X0721 MARC0675 _A2X0884 MARC0775

Narciso Rodriguez Fall 2015

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