IMG_2807 (2)

Menswear is most comfortable- It’s a proven fact.

For some reason, I feel like women wearing menswear is extremely arousing and provoking.

Whenever I’m shopping, I rarely stay in the women’s section.

Sometimes I feel like it’s a very sheltered section with the average pieces.

Sometimes I want more.

IMG_2822 (2)

I shopped my whole look from the men’s section at my local thrift shop.

I never thought to put these pieces together, this kind of came together as I was getting ready.

Oversized, droopy and baggy- These were goals for the day

IMG_2823 (2) IMG_2826 (2) IMG_2835 (2) IMG_2829 (2) IMG_2809 (2) IMG_2813 (2) IMG_2825 (2) IMG_2832 (2) IMG_2821 (2) IMG_2836 (2)

Top: Valley Thrift Shop

Jeans: Valley Thrift Shop

Vest: Valley Thrift Shop

Shoes: Charlotte Russe

Watch: Michael Kors

Earrings: H&M


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