Trade Mark.


This time of the year has been chaotic to say the least. Managing in retail has been consuming my life, leaving little to no time for fashion styling or blogging. I’m definitely ready to get back into the swing of things regarding fashion. Today, I made time to take some photos- So, you guys wouldn’t forget about me.


My look was definitely weather appropriate, seeing that it is below 40 degrees here in Cincinnati. The air is crisp, signaling the changing of the seasons again. I snagged a killer wide brimmed hat from the new Forever 21 at Liberty Center last week, which inspired my whole look. I’m developing a new love for oversized hats and head gear, and this hat caught my attention quickly.


I dressed in a warm, neutral toned button down top that I grabbed from the men’s section of the thrift store, and paired that with my white washed Levi’s. Gold is always the move when it comes to accessories for me. I stacked a few bracelets, and added my new ear cuff to the equation as well. My patterned scarf was also a purchase from the men’s section of the thrift store, which added a nice and warm touch. Adding the overcoat was definitely just for the drama- I love it.



Hat: F21

Top: Valley Thrift Store

Denim: Valley Thrift Store

Shoes: Charlotte Russe

Earrings: Bebe

Bracelet 1: BCBG

Bracelet 2: Michael Kors

Watch: Michael Kors

Knuckle Rings: F21

Scarf: Valley Thrift Store

Trade Mark.

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