Chapter Men’s RTW Fall 2016

chapter-mf16-05 (1).jpg

I have a deep appreciation for the fact that a separate Fashion Week has been created for menswear.

It was necessary.

With another period totally dedicated to lines of menswear, it is opening an entire wavelength for the representation of men within the fashion industry.

After surfing the internet from home, I stumbled upon this collection; one that I admire.chapter-mf16-13.jpg

The collection struck men because it’s a showcase of men who are not only individuals, but also individuals with style.

Although, the collection is labelled as menswear, there are female models and the pieces are not giving off vibes that scream alpha-male.

The collection is probably a favorite of mine, because I can see myself wearing any of these pieces.

I’ve been a fan of menswear for a while due to the fact that I cant get enough of boxy silhouettes, ultra layering and muted color palettes.


Chapter used the showcase or presentation styled exhibit. versus runway- I thought this was brilliant.

The still exhibit offers something much different than a runway show. It offers onlookers to study the collection and pieces as art, allowing them to have a growing appreciation for it.

The collection was a mash-up of oversized, yet simplistic peacoats, trousers featuring dropped waists and crotches, lengthy and boxy tops, and knee length bombers.

Chapter Men's RTW Fall 2016
Chapter Men’s RTW Fall 2016


The subtle details always make or break a collection in m eyes.

The details featured here include neatly tied shoes to complete a ‘street-styled’ look, silver garnishments and jewelry, and visible socks underneath trousers.

The models were exquisite, with totally natural faces, with shaggy bed hair. There was also a good variety of models regarding their looks, making the collection seem more realistic.

Chapter Men's RTW Fall 2016
Chapter Men’s RTW Fall 2016


Men’s fashion doesn’t have to be so overtly masculine anymore-

I mean, what are we trying to prove?

I’ve been seeing more designers breaking the rules regarding fashion, which is something I’m in love with.

Some of the pieces can definitely be seen as unisex-

If you’re comfortable in your skin.

Regardless of that, the reality of the matter is that street style is a collection of our own individuality mixed with pieces we try to mimic off of the runway- Right?

This collection embodies street style.


Chapter Men’s RTW Fall 2016

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