BCBG Max Azria Fall 2016 Ready-to-Wear

As we all know, New York Fashion Week has just begun and I can definitely feel it.

There is a swarming social media buzz, everyone is travelling and dying to get to one place- New York.

This year, I told myself I wouldn’t miss it. So, I’m headed that way myself!

During my travel, I’ve been keeping up with the bigger designers and their shows on Vogue.com.

I’ve been able to stream live runway shows, check out exclusive photographs and read thorough articles regarding the collections.

I think this is a great tool for those who cannot ‘be in the room’, this is what I referred to last year. Don’t sleep on it!


Yesterday, in between packing my best threads, I was able to view a few shows.

One of my favorites thus far has to be the collection by BCBG Max Azria that aired around 10 a.m.

While watching live, the showroom was completely dark. The only light came from the bright stage lights that would showcase the runway and models.

The crowd buzzed for over 20 minutes, giving each person a chance to arrive ‘fashionably late.

I had great anticipation for this show, because this couple always has a way of refreshing our memory on the brand and it’s standards.


From the time the music dropped to seeing the first model at the beginning of the runway, I knew one thing.

This collection was going to be killer.

Models floated down the runway with fresh faces, wavy bed-hair, in diverse hues.

I enjoyed the mixture of models, their looks, hair lengths, skin colors- I think the industry needs to mix it up a bit.


Anyone who knows me would also happen to know why I gawked over this collection.

Two words.


Nothing excited me more about fall and winter fashion besides layering up.

Not only is it necessary to stay warm, but it’s also an amazing visual to the eye.

This year, I have been practicing the art of layering within my own closet, as well as while shooting.


Although the layering was awesome, the pieces made of sturdy leathers, warm wools, smooth silks, and luxurious furs were definitely works of art on their own.

The beauty of BCBG Max Azria and the brand is that fact that they never compromise on the quality of their garments- despite the cost.

The pieces here are interchangeable, full of movement and realistic for the fashionable woman.

I’ve seen many runway shows that I’ve appreciated, but wondered where the woman wearing the pieces was going.

The beauty in this is that the pieces are fluid enough to be dressed up for A-List events, or they can be dressed down and worn in every day street fashion.


These designers are definitely keeping up with what’s current, and they seemed to complete and display this with ease.

Wouldn’t you say so?





This show was definitely one to get me pumped for NYFW. I can’t wait to see what comes next!


BCBG Max Azria Fall 2016 Ready-to-Wear

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