Gucci Fall 2016



The amazing thing about fashion has to be the fact that brands, fashion houses and even people are able to evolve and redefine themselves constantly.

With a new creative director, Alessandro Michele, Gucci has been able to reinvent and to truly come back with a bang.

I’d definitely say that the new creative director has an amazing eye and knowledge for the history and future of fashion.

So much that he pulled this off with no hesitation.



I enjoyed viewing this collection because of all of the creativity that went into the presentation.

The visuals were vivid to say the least.

Inspiration was pulled from various fashion eras to create this extravagant fashion exhibit.



Prancing down the runway, we saw bold fashion inspiration that ranged from 70’s suiting and menswear, to timeless rocker chic, with a touch of French couture.

With hints of the greatest fashion realms from several decades, I’d say that we were definitely in for the kill.



The collection is a favorite of mine due to the fact that no one garment is alike. C’mon. We’ve all viewed collections where you’re confusing the design coming down the runway with the one you viewed 4 models ago.

There is substance in this.




It reminds me of a street style jumble up.

There is effortless design here, but we also have creative and strategic styling that played a sole role in what this fashion presentation became.



The styling may seem outrageous- biker jackets paired with pleated skirts, outerwear made of crocodile skin with puffer sleeves and a cinched waist, or even baseball caps to top off ruffled gowns.

I thought it was genius.



People love to follow the fashion rules, but I think bending and breaking them can’t possibly hurt- in this case.

We don’t have to be so serious- this is a prime example.



The beauty in each garment happens to be the fact that its perfectly constructed to be seen as different from the previous.

The remnants of each century, time frame and fashion era are what pull the entire collection together as one.


With each model wearing a statement, I found it hard to not fall in love with this.

I feel that fashion needs sporadic moments and times such as this one to keep us on our feet.

Don’t you?


In all, the feathered gowns, shaggy fur coats, printed smocks and sequinned blazers all played a major role in the mash up of high fashion mixed with street style.

Each look was obviously constructed with passion, product knowledge and details in mind.

I’d find somewhere to where every one of these looks.

Just give me a chance.











Gucci Fall 2016

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