Super Street.

IMG_3781 (2)

Between my 9-5 and my fashion interests, time has seriously gotten away from me.

I’ve been planning so many things to create a window for more fashion projects in my life.

From planning a huge summer fashion show to opening a boutique in fall/winter- there is no time to play.

I’m enjoying it, though.

IMG_3788 (2)

IMG_3792 (2)

Lately, I’ve been trying to get more detailed and intricate with my personal styling.

Since, thrifting is life and I’m not a part of the upper class, I’ve been snagging inexpensive finds.

In finding some creativity within my own wardrobe, I’ve been turning dresses into elongated tops, layering robes over bra’s and shredding my jeans.

IMG_3785 (2)

IMG_3787 (2)

My look last night harped on my attention to detail.

I’ve been more urban than ever, especially with braids.

But, I’ve never felt more like myself.

I snagged some new gold rings from Clifton and this Army inspired dress from Valley Thrift.

IMG_3778 (2)

I layered the dress over a sheer overlay and shredded denim.

Threw on an open toe heel and stacked the accessories like crazy.

Then, came this look.

IMG_3774 (2)

Army Top: Valley Thrift
Sheer Overlay: F21
Denim: Levi
Heels: Charlotte Russe

Photography: Rhonda Daniels

Super Street.

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