Pink Pusha.

IMG_4130 (2)

At this point, I’ve just been focused on pushing through the pressure.

Sort of leaning into the uncomfortable conversations and moments to get past them.

Producing this fashion show has been challenging.

From point A to point Z, I’ve had to fight to ensure that my vision remains crystal clear.

Despite the thoughts of others, I’ve remained true to what I envisioned this show to be.

Just wait on it.


IMG_4139 (2)

Besides the show, I have been thinking about the future.

After this weekend, I will be focusing on a huge project and taking on the role of an entrepreneur.

This is something new for me, but I’m determined to create an avenue in Cincinnati for other young professionals who want a career in fashion.

I want to give something that I never had.

IMG_4112 (2)

While flexing my #GIRLBOSS muscle, I’m hoping to continue growing as an artist.

I’m already planning a groundbreaking Fashion Week trip in September, where I will make sure that I am attending shows, volunteering and networking.

Prepping for this is definitely not for the weak.

There is no pamphlet on how to gain a pass to Fashion Week.

You just have to wing it.

IMG_4124 (2)

My plans are getting more complex, but I’m ready.

I’m prepared to take my brand to a whole new level.

Remember the name.

IMG_4118 (2)

I snagged this fit from my local thrift shop.

I rummaged through the men’s section and found this button down with a soft color palette.

I paired it with these pastel pink jeans with the high waist.

Oh, I recently dyed my hair partly blue.

My 25 year of life brought some big changes.



Pink Pusha.

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