IMG_4292 (2)

A ton of my wardrobe is based on denim.

Working for a denim brand, I’ve become well-versed on the various qualities, cuts and styles.

I’ve fallen in love with the culture of denim and how it translates into the lives of millions.

When I stumbled upon this vintage, denim dress at my local thrift shop, there were several thoughts going through my head.

Number 1: It’s a DENIM dress, that flows to my ankles.

Number 2: The bust of the dress reminds me of a vintage corset.

Number 3: I’d enjoy layering this piece during the various seasons of the year.

IMG_4289 (2)

So, I had to snag it!

Whenever I’m thrifting and happen to run into a vintage denim piece, it’s usually in my cart.

Denim pieces can be used, layered, distressed and cut up in so many different ways.

It can be dressed up or stripped down, and I’m continuously here for it.

IMG_4293 (3)

I decided to unbutton the lengthy row of buttons starting at the bottom of the dress.

I layered the dress over a denim pair of daisy dukes because the weather is scorching in Cincinnati.

I’ve been getting so into fusing sportswear and fashion, which inspired me to pair this look with my white sneakers.

My looks have been simplified due to the heat and a sharp change in my attitude.

I’ve been so focused on controlling things that are within my reach versus consistently stressing out.

So, I’ve been reflective of this life change within my personal style.

IMG_4285 (2)

As far as styling is concerned, I just wrapped ‘NOT ANOTHER FASHION SHOW’ last week.

I don’t want to spill the beans for my followers who were not there.

I’m dropping a huge blog post that’s focusing strictly on my production in my home city.

Wait on it.

Outside of that, I have been uncovering new ways to continue broadening myself as a fashion mogul.

I have several projects that are brewing- some that can’t be revealed.

But, I cannot wait to share!

IMG_4290 (2)

My focus is to develop my stamp as a fashion enthusiast in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Regardless of where I decide to go, I’m leaving my mark here before doing so.

The art culture in Cincinnati is so underdeveloped, and it’s going to take open minds to change that.

I’m down to start NOW.

Are you?

IMG_4291 (2)


Dress: Valley Thrift Store

Shorts: F21

Sneakers: ALDO

Accessories: VINTAGE


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