Prepping for Fashion Week like…


Is it nearly September already?

I think we’re all very unsure as to where the time has gone…

But, I’m quickly working through it.

My time has been super dedicated to work as of late.

But, I am committed to creating a brand out of myself and what I do.

So, getting focused is a MUST!


Besides diving into a new business venture which will exercise my buying and styling skills,

I have been planning a New York Fashion Week for the past month.

No, I won’t be getting into any of the super huge shows, but I felt it was important to be in the room.

I want to flex that networking muscle while in New York the first week of September.

I’ve been invited to 7 shows that will feature up and coming designers, and I’m super stoked.


Every time I prepare for a trip to New York, I feel like it’s my first time again.

From the excitement regarding being around like-minded people, to the nervousness surrounding whether I’m good enough to hang or not.

The city is full of great things to do, people to see and dreams to be chased.

I’m here for it.


I’ve been trying to find the right 30 looks to pack for the past few weeks, and I’m STILL searching.

I’ve thought so hard about my looks that I almost want to just bring a jumble and go from there.

For this New York trip, my focus will be on looking super stylish, while remaining comfortable in my own skin.

I thought about heading to Fashion Week and trying TOO hard…

But, why?

Over the past year, I’ve grown so comfortable with my own style and its evolution.

I just want that to be featured.


Designer pulls and shopping are what the next week will consist of to prepare for Fashion Week.

I’m ready to share my experiences with you via social media!

Make sure you follow my journey.





Instagram: @uncommonstylist

Snapchat: UnCommonStylist

Photogapher: Alexis Ross

Prepping for Fashion Week like…

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