With this being the first collection from Calvin Clein being designed by Raf Simons, its obvious that the brand and its new chief creator had something to prove. Due to the history of the brand, being one that takes pride in American minimal design, many followers wanted to know what was next. Simons definitely plans to reinvent the aesthetic at Calvin Clein after reviewing his first collection.

Bringing an artistic twist to an all American name and brand, Simons added a dose of flavor and color to Ready-to-Wear 2017. Keeping the all American theme in place, the collection popped with statement printed trench coats, hard denim jumpsuits, sheer sweaters and more. We saw themes such as the power suit, the raincoat and the work blazer remixed from left to right. I’d call this the Cool American.

The collection teased with the uniformity concept associated with American work culture, while bringing unlikely elements to the forefront; cut outs, layered sleeves, embellished leathers, sheer torsos and PVC lining. Most pieces, standing as unisex pieces were oversized, leaving room for the layering street style kids.

Simons definitely came with a bang and plans to bring some bright changes to the scene during his reign at Calvin Clein. Personally, I can’t wait to see these pieces styled on the Red Carpet or through Street Style Culture. I’d love to get my hands on one of the printed trenches… Signing off.




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