Yeezy 2017 Ready-to-Wear

Yeezy did it for the fans, he did it for the street walkers. Bringing street style to the forefront, Yeezy made an effort to pull his artistry to the looks that his followers have been sporting for years. Through a mixture of denim jumpsuits, oversized hoodies, camouflage parkas, and a few replicas of your dad’s favorite jacket, West was able to speak directly to the streets. 

Pieces resembled looks that thrifters and hipsters have always created. Jeans were tucked into knee high boots, full length coats dripped as layering pieces, and tops were bunched into high waist pants. With the use of his star power, Kanye has an unlikely advantage over other designers that hasn’t reached its fullest potential. Through his inspiration from his own personal style and the style of his fans, West defintely seems to be moving in the right direction to face a spike in sales overall. 

The people want every day looks and Yeezy gave them just that. Considering the fact that West didn’t do a walk through after the show was complete, I’d say that he is definitely taking a backseat with the antics and he’s allowing the work to speak for itself. Great move. Signing off.


Yeezy 2017 Ready-to-Wear

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