Valentino Resort 2018

With a continuous exploration of various cultures and ethnic backgrounds, Valentino has managed to dive into one that is beloved by the majority of Americans; Hip Hop. After falling in love with Netflix Series, The Get Down, Valentino’s creative director, Piccioli took a jab at bringing pieces from the series to life. Transitioning from high end to everyday, Piccioli was able to create pieces with inspiration pulled from the streets of New York City. Putting a luxurious twist on the tracksuit, Piccioli utilized hammered silks in hues of emerald green, flamingo pink and ruby red. He added to the mix by creating lengthy track dresses that featured zippers and piping, adding to the sporty theme. There were small focuses on army fatigue and bleached and washed denim. There were deep remnants of embroidery and small touches of patchwork. All elements met in harmony on the runway, taking the audience on a journey that connected the past with the future in a thrilling way. There is beauty in the exploration of culture, through the eyes of fashion and design… We just have to dig deeper. Signing off.



Valentino Resort 2018

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