Gucci Resort 2018

Pulling inspiration from Ancient Classical periods in history, Alessandro Michele revealed another collection under Gucci where his extravagance can be appreciated. Weaving in classical elements with pieces of history from the 60s, 70s and the Renaissance happens to be the key successor of this collection. We saw an array of colors that were derived from royal palettes, consisting of rich purples, golden hues, canary yellows, royal reds and nautical blues. After reviewing the collection, I saw a fusion of cultures and time periods in every look- which added fascination and stimulation for any fashion lover like myself. The accessories made each look- adding excessiveness to the embroidered, bedazzled and woven pieces throughout. Michele added heavy elegance through the outerwear pieces within the collection- featuring fur chubbies, elongated bomber jackets, silk blazers and woven cardigans. We saw the consistent fusion that Gucci continuously brings- nerdy meets elegance, trends meet classics, and children meet adulthood. Pulling inspiration from various cultures, ethnic backgrounds, previous designers, and meaningful time periods- Gucci outdoes itself all over again. Signing off.

Gucci Resort 2018

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