Balmain 2018 Menswear

I think most of us have come to the realization that Oliver Rousteing never disappoints.

He reigns supreme in my book.

Releasing another jaw dropping collection for the art lovers to admire, the rich to sport and the fast-fashion creators to recreate.

The creativity of the mind is obviously beyond measure… We see this through hus constant evolution, while remaining true to the brand.

Creating an exhilarating fusion of both American and French cultures was the perfect translation to the audience…

Providing us with pieces that featured monochrome elements, bold stripes and deeply embroidered items honed in on French inspiration.

But, we also were met with inverted American flags, hammered leather jackets and all the fringe we could ask for.

While staying true to his French roots, Rousteing was able to create modern depictions of where fashion is now- Or, where it should be.

Don’t you agree?

Often times, pieces still held that Balmain Army vibe, while taking the audience to another wavelength.

We were able to continue seeing matching suit pieces, accentuated shoulders, cinched waists and killer thigh high lace-ups.

Most models sported leather, embellished handbags or backpacks that completed the looks that pranced down the runway.

I’m sure we’d all kill to own one.

Menswear seemed to emphasize on unisex aspects, which seemed effortless, comforting and natural.

Men sported tailored slacks, skinny styled denim pants and slimmed moto jeans. There were broadened shoulders, and amazingly stylist leather and suede dress shoes.

The attention paid to the details that made up the menswear within the collection went to show one thing…

That men are able to be just as stylish, particular and multifaceted as women in regards to fashion.

Modernized leather jackets were on of the pieces to steal the show.

Through innovation, detailing and embellishments- the jackets were able to be showcased as a male wardrobe staple.

Not to mention, black leather jackets go down in history as a signature American fashion trend that repeats itself over and over.

But, Rousteing was able to remain original in the design of each one.

That’s a plus.

The black and white theme was the strength of the collection.

It showed uniformity, and challenged the design team to create outside of the box with a classic color palette.

We saw a small shift in the color palette towards that end of the collection-

Talk about a transition.

Neutral and classic colors dominated the second half of the show, making the transition natural and soothing to the audience.

Embellishments were taken to the next level, as Rousteing displayed mosaic-like embroidery, heavy chain detailing and studding on most outerwear pieces.

The volume was turned up with bigger and better accessories and elements that made the pieces stand out.

This type of action is what sets trends…

I’m into it.





We seeing Rousteing wrapping the show with extravagant metallics and spins to ballroom leisure.

Male pieces continued to remain cool and effortless, while remaining designer in the clear quality of the items and the uniqueness.

Women sported remixed ballroom gowns, which showcased sheer leg panels and reconstructed male blazers.

Dresses weren’t just ‘dresses’, they were works of art.

As you can tell.

We definitely have a winner here…

Or several.

But, we already knew that.

Signing off.




Balmain 2018 Menswear

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