Alexandre Vauthier Fall 2017 Couture

There are still fashion killers out there who live for ultra glam…

You know those looks that make heads swivel… The looks that go down in history for decades?

Vauthier happens to be one of them.

With the showcasing of the body of a woman through sensual draping, accentuating cuts and an innate idea for how one should come dressed for the party…

I’d say Alexandre Vauthier has managed to recycle old glam ideas and refreshingly bring them into the ‘now’.

Models gawked across the runway, which zig zagged throughout the venue with various twists and turns. Surrounded by a small audience, the runway was lit with lavender and purple hues and was topped off with a disco ball.

Add a disco ball to just about anything, and we can expect one hell of a party.

The walking mannequins bounced around in high spirits to upbeat disco tunes, passing each other with confident looks and sensual smiles.

Ending the runway, there stood a mirror…

In case the models were feeling vain.

We watched ruffles take over the runway through variations of cocktail dresses, statement midi skirts and upscale blouses.

Being produced with soft leather, sheer lace, and silky ribbon, ruffles added an effortless touch to many runway looks that will be replicated for months on end.

Serving as a continuous fashion trend throughout 2017, I’d say the ruffle accents throughout the runway show were touches of modish glam that we couldn’t live without.

Taking the runway show to the next level, Vauthier reveals a showstopper- the lavender, feathered minidress…

Talk about turning up the volume.

The sweetheart neckline was quickly engulfed by a swarm of lavender feathers that trailed down to her ankles in an asymmetrical order.

The mini dress slowly cruised up the models’ thigh, giving the dress some an amp of dimension and most importantly- Sex appeal.

I’d call this the number one stunna’.

We saw a trend of lame´ draped dresses, where looks resembles burning metals- creating deepened necklines, everflowing leg slits and bussling sleeves.

The lame´ dresses were featured in bold metallic colours that ranged from cool silver to frosted magenta.

Models appeared on the runway in these serene looks- creating the facade that Vauthier draped each of them in his sleep.

Go figure.

Yes, we’ve seen the black turtleneck before, but not quite in this setting.

The sheer black turtleneck made a huge statement on the runway throughout this collection, while turning more heads than one.

Models were not only featuring the hottest pieces on the runway, but their hottest assets.

The sheerness of the turtlenecks added sensuality to the collection and brought the idealism of the collection full circle.

Women are powerful and can wear what the fuck they want.

There’s no shame in flaunting it if you have it…


Each turtleneck was topped off with power shoulders, giving the ladies a sense of authority over the party.

Styling them with a leather midi skirt or high waist culottes added to the suggestiveness seen throughout the collection.

Anyone acting orderly will be punished.

You’d better be invested in having some fun.

Knee high boots were added to almost every look, but they were featured in metallic colours to add that much more appeal.

The knee high’s varied in the classic black leather, black velvet, full lace, and metallic magenta and jade.

I can obviously see these boots inspiring thousands of bad ass looks throughout the street style culture in the months to come.

We all deserve a pair.

Need I say more?

The night ended in drama…


In the best way.

Vauthier designed a black party dress with a cinched waist- made completely sheer (of course). This number was decked out with a black veil to match and styled with the biggest chandelier earrings that one can locate. Adding black knee high boots took this look from lewd to excessive in .5 seconds.

We love the drama.

We always need the drama.

Whoever expressed that couture was dead needed a revelation…

This glamour provided just that for me.

But, who am I?

Signing off…


View the runway show for yourself by following the link below.

Enjoy 🙂

Alexandre Vauthier’s Fall 2017 Couture Collection

Alexandre Vauthier Fall 2017 Couture

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