T by Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang has found a rare way to incorporate your everyday sweatsuit into the workplace through clever design and precise cuts. Keeping it chic and cool, Wang has orchestrated a pivotal moment for women who want to hone in on comfort and luxury at the same time. Fusing reinvented button downs with classic cigarette slacks seems to be a reoccurring theme that brings a sense of sophistication and a hint of androgyny. Holding steadfast to a strong color palette consisting of Kelly green, crisp whites, cool grey’s and sharp black’s- Wang kept the vibe professional and straightforward. I can appreciate the styling aspect that showcases the pieces and the range they are able to hold in a woman’s wardrobe. From dressing skirts down with flat boots to pairing wide legged pant with open-toed sandals, the styling precisely enables women to have a magnitude of choices with each piece. Knock offs are probably already being created to replicate Wang’s vision, and I can see why. Signing off.


T by Alexander Wang

H&M x Mr. Alexander Wang


Oh, Mr. Wang…

Where do I begin?

When I heard news that Alexander Wang and H&M were collaborating on a line…

I knew that it would be extraordinary…

But, after finally seeing the collection…

I’d say that it exceeded my expectations.

Seeing Wang become the first American designers to collaborate with H&M was a groundbreaking moment.

Not only was the collaborative collection jaw-dropping…

But, the presentation and setting around the collection helped onlookers to better understand.

The setting of the show was in the Fort Washington Avenue Armory in New York.

This definitely set the tone for one thing;


The armory was decked out in black carpet, with black benches and Alexander Wang x H&M logos everywhere.

In the middle of the track stood wooden fixtures, blocks, pillars and trampolines.

As guests took their seats, 90s music could be heard banging in the background…

LL Cool J’s, “Doin’ It,” was one of my favorites.

As celebrities walked the ‘black’ carpet, many of them could already be seen sporting some of the hottest pieces from the collection.

The support from the guests seemed unreal.

So many of them spoke highly of the collaboration and were eager to get to their seats.

Front row seats were taken by celebs such as Mary J. Blige, Dakota Flanning, and Solange Knowles…

Just to name a few.

Guests mingled around the armory for a bit, sipping champagne and networking.

After guests were seated and ready, the show jumped off.

To open, athletic men emerged from backstage.

Running, jumping, and flipping onto and off of the wooden pillars and fixtures in the middle of armory.

Many of them hopped on trampolines, and flew to the next fixture quickly…

Before disappearing into the darkness again.

This definitely got the audience excited and ready for the viewing of the collection.

What an adrenaline rush!

A fusion of Hip Hop and Pop music was mixed to call for the models.

The models began strutting down the athletic track, decked in fitted pieces that resembled athletic streetwear…

What a combination!

Such a fusion of cultures.


The collection consisted of strappy scuba dresses, leather joggers, oversized pullovers, parkas, and boxy sweatshirts.

Models wore hockey masks, football helmets, and boxing gloves while carrying basketballs and hockey sticks.

To accessorize, there were duffel bags, fanny packs, athletic gloves, and beanies.

Most pieces were black, with a touch of grey…

Many appeared to be lightweight, body-conscious, and fashionable at the same damn time.

To top it off… ALL pieces were incorporated with the bold WANG logo,

Which brought the collection back to the streets…

Street fashion.


Wang described the collection as one that represented the uniform in street fashion.

Not only did he want the collection to be fashionable,

But, he also strived to make sure the pieces were reflective of athletic innovation…

I think he achieved his goal,

The perfect balance.

Most pieces are water repellant, breathable, and quick drying…

Which could serve as the perfect athletic gear.

He claims that he doesn’t work out too much, maybe once or twice a week…

But, it’s all about wellness…

In his eyes.


The outerwear featured in this collection stood out to me.

The zippers, the textures, the pockets, and most of all…

The quality.

I’m becoming a huge fan of the meshing of high fashion and street fashion.

And, this collection takes the cake!

I would’ve loved just being in the room.


Seeing that Wang is highly educated on the moves that street fashion is making,

He knew exactly what he needed to do to bring that same element to the runway.

I love the fact that H&M does a ton of collaborations with high end designers…

Making quality pieces that are affordable to the general public.

How clever.


The release date is November 6, 2014.

I already have my eye on a few pieces that are must-haves.

I’d be a fool not to purchase from this collection.

It’s revolutionary.








Go, Wang.

H&M x Mr. Alexander Wang