Handbags on Fleek.

What you got in that bag?

It really doesn’t matter if you’re leaving the house with the most fashionable one.

Like any other promising wardrobe piece, quality handbags are the gifts that keep on giving. We’re seeing some creative design tactics that are going to be in heavy rotation on your closets come Fall. Being ‘must-haves’ is one thing, but these beauties have a ton of longevity- Which should last you way beyond Fall 2017.

The great thing about these handbag trends happens to be that you can style them with your layered, minimal or street chic looks. The styling options for the upcoming trends are endless- Just the way we like them.

One of these bags can take your look to the next level.


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This fall may be bringing on all the chilly feels, which prompts you to be sure you’re dressing warm. Apparently, there is something else that needs to start warm too.

Your handbag.

Adding fur to just about anything is a score. Fur makes us feel luxurious, classy and fab all at the same time (Faux is the way to go).

These puppies are notable for their unique and cozy designs that are perfect to match your fall gear.

Meet our new furry companions that are stylish and chic.


fur 2

fur 1

fur 3

Braggin’ Rights

On occasion, it’s gotta be okay to name drop.

Now- It’s on trend!

These handbags display good brand representation in a BOLD way. If you’re someone who loves to show off your fondness for your labels, whether it’s Calvin Klein or Dolce & Gabbana, this trend is perfect for you.

The great thing about this trend is that these handbags come in different shapes, sizes, and designs. They’re perfect for going to the club or even a formal dinner. It’s all about how you rock it and dress it up.

logo 1

logo 2

logo 3

Issa Collection

Are we seeing doubles? Maybe triples?

The more the merrier.

Extra is always better.

We’ve spotted multiple bags being connected by chic hardware pieces. The fun part is the fact that these multiples are being rocked like one handbag. Runway walkers have been sporting these collections of purses for various designers. This trend is perfect for anyone who likes to separate their makeup, wallet, and other miscellaneous items. If you’re a true lover for fashion, then you’ll find a way to wear it for the cause.

The cause of fashion.

three 1

three 3

three 2

Granny Got Swag

Some trends make you wanna slap yo grandma!

Or at least thank her for the idea.

Vintage purse designs have been revived to cater to the modern day fashion lover. These creative designs have pulled components from the best vintage pieces of the century. Snagging one of these treasures is a must at this point.

Versatility in your handbag selection is key. It’s the only way to continue killing the game!

vintage 1

vintage 2

vintage 5

Extra this, Extra That

Who can’t use a bit of embellishment in the accessories department?

I don’t think any hands should be raised at this point.

Extra embellishments have been spotted on the runway in the worst way.

We’re here for the drama.

These handbags range from clutches to cross overs. You just need to take your purse pick.

Decorative purses have everything you’re looking for. From chained straps to bejeweled sides to feathered broaches. This trend caters to all of our obsessed handbag collectors.

embelish 1

embelish 2

embelish 3

Who says that the main attraction is just the purse?

This next trend is all about the strap.

Straps are taking over the focal point of the purses! There are variations of furs, chains, and leather. This extravagant statement is certainly a eye catcher for those who love a simple purse, but like to add a little glamour here and there.

strap 3

strap 2

straps 1

If you want to complete your looks for this fall, make sure you’re adding some of these handbag trends to your closet very soon.

Serving various purposes, these handbag options have something for everyone. Regardless of whether you’re attending a ballroom dance or taking a trot to the grocery store, the trending bags and trends hold a ton of versatility.

Make one of these handbags your signature piece this fall.



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-Alexis Ross











Handbags on Fleek.

The Hottest Street Style Inspo from NYFW: Men’s Spring ’18

Bringing us a whopping 65 runway shows and fashion presentations, New York Fashion Week: Men’s Spring ’18 was set to bring out the heavy hitters of street style.

From graphic tees and jeans to button downs and even skirts. These men came to be nothing less than themselves, while inspiring the everyday man to add a little chic to their closet.

Let’s dive into some of the many trends we’ll see.


Ladies, before you selfishly buy yourself a romper, skirt, or dress- Make sure you grab your man one too.

As we move into a time period and society where unisex is in, we’re seeing more wardrobe trades of the sexes. Rompers, skirts, and dresses are one of the many trends we saw and took to during NYWF Men’s.

Not only is the trend a head turner, but a layering technique that men are tapping into to add depth to their style.

We haven’t seen this trend exactly hit the streets yet, but I guarantee we’ll see men struttin’ in these fashion-forward ensembles very soon.


Another trend that men and women were rocking happened to be Hawaiian shirts.

They are making a swift comeback.

These stylish floral shirts are lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Not to mention these tops can be styled with denim or trousers, depending on if he’s casual Cody or dapper Dan.

Men rocked them layered over lightweight tee’s, paired them with head bandannas, and always accessorized with a fresh pair of shades.

Hawaiian shirts a definitely a summer go-to…

Even edgy when combined with the right personality.


We also saw a clean trend popping up on the streets.

You see… The less color the better.

Instead of a cliche wardrobe blackout, men focused on exploring the opposite side of the color spectrum.

White out is in!

Men were flawless in their all white attire, sporting various layering techniques, patterns and accessories to complete the looks.

There has always been that myth that black attracts more heat- I guess these fellas got the memo.


These men are definitely taking fashion risk and defying the rules and regulations.

From daring to test different colors, throwing on a good balance of prints and fondling with the unisex pieces throughout the week- Men are definitely geared to create some new trends.

These trend setters strut in confidence in their style, and their ability to look good in whatever they wear. Men’s Spring ’18 NYFW had us all in awe, and we can’t wait to receive more.

-Alexis Ross

The Hottest Street Style Inspo from NYFW: Men’s Spring ’18

Alexandre Vauthier Fall 2017 Couture

There are still fashion killers out there who live for ultra glam…

You know those looks that make heads swivel… The looks that go down in history for decades?

Vauthier happens to be one of them.

With the showcasing of the body of a woman through sensual draping, accentuating cuts and an innate idea for how one should come dressed for the party…

I’d say Alexandre Vauthier has managed to recycle old glam ideas and refreshingly bring them into the ‘now’.

Models gawked across the runway, which zig zagged throughout the venue with various twists and turns. Surrounded by a small audience, the runway was lit with lavender and purple hues and was topped off with a disco ball.

Add a disco ball to just about anything, and we can expect one hell of a party.

The walking mannequins bounced around in high spirits to upbeat disco tunes, passing each other with confident looks and sensual smiles.

Ending the runway, there stood a mirror…

In case the models were feeling vain.

We watched ruffles take over the runway through variations of cocktail dresses, statement midi skirts and upscale blouses.

Being produced with soft leather, sheer lace, and silky ribbon, ruffles added an effortless touch to many runway looks that will be replicated for months on end.

Serving as a continuous fashion trend throughout 2017, I’d say the ruffle accents throughout the runway show were touches of modish glam that we couldn’t live without.

Taking the runway show to the next level, Vauthier reveals a showstopper- the lavender, feathered minidress…

Talk about turning up the volume.

The sweetheart neckline was quickly engulfed by a swarm of lavender feathers that trailed down to her ankles in an asymmetrical order.

The mini dress slowly cruised up the models’ thigh, giving the dress some an amp of dimension and most importantly- Sex appeal.

I’d call this the number one stunna’.

We saw a trend of lame´ draped dresses, where looks resembles burning metals- creating deepened necklines, everflowing leg slits and bussling sleeves.

The lame´ dresses were featured in bold metallic colours that ranged from cool silver to frosted magenta.

Models appeared on the runway in these serene looks- creating the facade that Vauthier draped each of them in his sleep.

Go figure.

Yes, we’ve seen the black turtleneck before, but not quite in this setting.

The sheer black turtleneck made a huge statement on the runway throughout this collection, while turning more heads than one.

Models were not only featuring the hottest pieces on the runway, but their hottest assets.

The sheerness of the turtlenecks added sensuality to the collection and brought the idealism of the collection full circle.

Women are powerful and can wear what the fuck they want.

There’s no shame in flaunting it if you have it…


Each turtleneck was topped off with power shoulders, giving the ladies a sense of authority over the party.

Styling them with a leather midi skirt or high waist culottes added to the suggestiveness seen throughout the collection.

Anyone acting orderly will be punished.

You’d better be invested in having some fun.

Knee high boots were added to almost every look, but they were featured in metallic colours to add that much more appeal.

The knee high’s varied in the classic black leather, black velvet, full lace, and metallic magenta and jade.

I can obviously see these boots inspiring thousands of bad ass looks throughout the street style culture in the months to come.

We all deserve a pair.

Need I say more?

The night ended in drama…


In the best way.

Vauthier designed a black party dress with a cinched waist- made completely sheer (of course). This number was decked out with a black veil to match and styled with the biggest chandelier earrings that one can locate. Adding black knee high boots took this look from lewd to excessive in .5 seconds.

We love the drama.

We always need the drama.

Whoever expressed that couture was dead needed a revelation…

This glamour provided just that for me.

But, who am I?

Signing off…


View the runway show for yourself by following the link below.

Enjoy 🙂

Alexandre Vauthier’s Fall 2017 Couture Collection

Alexandre Vauthier Fall 2017 Couture

Versace Resort 2018

I’m beginning to notice more and more that in fashion design, there are prominent LEVELS that make up the craft. After a vivid viewing of the Versace Resort collection, I’d say that Versace still stands as an elite fashion house- producing some of the most trend setting and inspiring pieces to date.
After reading up on Donatella’s allegiance to the City of Angels, I began to understand the background and inspiration of the collection. Not only does Los Angeles have a glistening vibe filled with an undying amount of sunsets from day to day- it has a liter of youthfulness, two cups of glam, 1/2 a cup of defiance with a pinch of street vibes. That’s one hell of a concoction, and it’s only made for the strong- forget the weak hearted. A city of dreamers, lovers and creatures searching for fulfillment- some say it’s the best city on the planet.

Not to mention Donatella sent her entire design team to L.A. to grab some of the greatest pieces and inspiration from the city.

Talk about a great boss.

The collection was a tribute to L.A., but also to the evolving fashion world which is becoming more diverse, applauding individuality, and a free range of style. 

With this evolution, we’re seeing more realistic models, more street style inspiration and the small faults that once needed correction. The beauty in that is the fact that fashion seems to be coming full circle for its onlookers.

I’d say that’s a plus.

But, what’s next for us?

The resort collection was one of various inspirational points that range from the multiple strands and cultural communities that make up the city of Los Angeles. Versace was able to take the aesthetic to another level by combining and mixing some of the world’s various entities and cultural looks into one solid collection.

I was very impressed by the array of inspiration pulled into this.

I’d purchase almost everything…

After I win the lottery.

We witnessed Rock and Roll references through the studded accessories, leather jackets and fringed skirts. There were bold pinstriped power suits that were layered over lace bralettes, or pencil skirts with slits that were sky high. 

There was a hint of 90s inspiration after beginning to see a trend in the color palette, which decorated layered patterns that consisted of palm trees, exotic flowers and peacock feathers- all resembling old Hollywood decor at its finest.

A collection with a piece for everyone- that’s what I’d call it. With it’s supply of various colors, textures, embellishments and more- I’m sure many can style these numbers in ways unimaginable.

The pieces have me feeling too cool, edgy and straight magical.

The streets should definitely be watching.

Signing off.


Versace Resort 2018

T by Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang has found a rare way to incorporate your everyday sweatsuit into the workplace through clever design and precise cuts. Keeping it chic and cool, Wang has orchestrated a pivotal moment for women who want to hone in on comfort and luxury at the same time. Fusing reinvented button downs with classic cigarette slacks seems to be a reoccurring theme that brings a sense of sophistication and a hint of androgyny. Holding steadfast to a strong color palette consisting of Kelly green, crisp whites, cool grey’s and sharp black’s- Wang kept the vibe professional and straightforward. I can appreciate the styling aspect that showcases the pieces and the range they are able to hold in a woman’s wardrobe. From dressing skirts down with flat boots to pairing wide legged pant with open-toed sandals, the styling precisely enables women to have a magnitude of choices with each piece. Knock offs are probably already being created to replicate Wang’s vision, and I can see why. Signing off.


T by Alexander Wang

Prepping for Fashion Week like…


Is it nearly September already?

I think we’re all very unsure as to where the time has gone…

But, I’m quickly working through it.

My time has been super dedicated to work as of late.

But, I am committed to creating a brand out of myself and what I do.

So, getting focused is a MUST!


Besides diving into a new business venture which will exercise my buying and styling skills,

I have been planning a New York Fashion Week for the past month.

No, I won’t be getting into any of the super huge shows, but I felt it was important to be in the room.

I want to flex that networking muscle while in New York the first week of September.

I’ve been invited to 7 shows that will feature up and coming designers, and I’m super stoked.


Every time I prepare for a trip to New York, I feel like it’s my first time again.

From the excitement regarding being around like-minded people, to the nervousness surrounding whether I’m good enough to hang or not.

The city is full of great things to do, people to see and dreams to be chased.

I’m here for it.


I’ve been trying to find the right 30 looks to pack for the past few weeks, and I’m STILL searching.

I’ve thought so hard about my looks that I almost want to just bring a jumble and go from there.

For this New York trip, my focus will be on looking super stylish, while remaining comfortable in my own skin.

I thought about heading to Fashion Week and trying TOO hard…

But, why?

Over the past year, I’ve grown so comfortable with my own style and its evolution.

I just want that to be featured.


Designer pulls and shopping are what the next week will consist of to prepare for Fashion Week.

I’m ready to share my experiences with you via social media!

Make sure you follow my journey.




Website: http://www.uncommonstylist.4ormat.com

Instagram: @uncommonstylist

Snapchat: UnCommonStylist

Photogapher: Alexis Ross

Prepping for Fashion Week like…

Chapter Men’s RTW Fall 2016

chapter-mf16-05 (1).jpg

I have a deep appreciation for the fact that a separate Fashion Week has been created for menswear.

It was necessary.

With another period totally dedicated to lines of menswear, it is opening an entire wavelength for the representation of men within the fashion industry.

After surfing the internet from home, I stumbled upon this collection; one that I admire.chapter-mf16-13.jpg

The collection struck men because it’s a showcase of men who are not only individuals, but also individuals with style.

Although, the collection is labelled as menswear, there are female models and the pieces are not giving off vibes that scream alpha-male.

The collection is probably a favorite of mine, because I can see myself wearing any of these pieces.

I’ve been a fan of menswear for a while due to the fact that I cant get enough of boxy silhouettes, ultra layering and muted color palettes.


Chapter used the showcase or presentation styled exhibit. versus runway- I thought this was brilliant.

The still exhibit offers something much different than a runway show. It offers onlookers to study the collection and pieces as art, allowing them to have a growing appreciation for it.

The collection was a mash-up of oversized, yet simplistic peacoats, trousers featuring dropped waists and crotches, lengthy and boxy tops, and knee length bombers.

Chapter Men's RTW Fall 2016
Chapter Men’s RTW Fall 2016


The subtle details always make or break a collection in m eyes.

The details featured here include neatly tied shoes to complete a ‘street-styled’ look, silver garnishments and jewelry, and visible socks underneath trousers.

The models were exquisite, with totally natural faces, with shaggy bed hair. There was also a good variety of models regarding their looks, making the collection seem more realistic.

Chapter Men's RTW Fall 2016
Chapter Men’s RTW Fall 2016


Men’s fashion doesn’t have to be so overtly masculine anymore-

I mean, what are we trying to prove?

I’ve been seeing more designers breaking the rules regarding fashion, which is something I’m in love with.

Some of the pieces can definitely be seen as unisex-

If you’re comfortable in your skin.

Regardless of that, the reality of the matter is that street style is a collection of our own individuality mixed with pieces we try to mimic off of the runway- Right?

This collection embodies street style.


Chapter Men’s RTW Fall 2016