T by Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang has found a rare way to incorporate your everyday sweatsuit into the workplace through clever design and precise cuts. Keeping it chic and cool, Wang has orchestrated a pivotal moment for women who want to hone in on comfort and luxury at the same time. Fusing reinvented button downs with classic cigarette slacks seems to be a reoccurring theme that brings a sense of sophistication and a hint of androgyny. Holding steadfast to a strong color palette consisting of Kelly green, crisp whites, cool grey’s and sharp black’s- Wang kept the vibe professional and straightforward. I can appreciate the styling aspect that showcases the pieces and the range they are able to hold in a woman’s wardrobe. From dressing skirts down with flat boots to pairing wide legged pant with open-toed sandals, the styling precisely enables women to have a magnitude of choices with each piece. Knock offs are probably already being created to replicate Wang’s vision, and I can see why. Signing off.


T by Alexander Wang

Prepping for Fashion Week like…


Is it nearly September already?

I think we’re all very unsure as to where the time has gone…

But, I’m quickly working through it.

My time has been super dedicated to work as of late.

But, I am committed to creating a brand out of myself and what I do.

So, getting focused is a MUST!


Besides diving into a new business venture which will exercise my buying and styling skills,

I have been planning a New York Fashion Week for the past month.

No, I won’t be getting into any of the super huge shows, but I felt it was important to be in the room.

I want to flex that networking muscle while in New York the first week of September.

I’ve been invited to 7 shows that will feature up and coming designers, and I’m super stoked.


Every time I prepare for a trip to New York, I feel like it’s my first time again.

From the excitement regarding being around like-minded people, to the nervousness surrounding whether I’m good enough to hang or not.

The city is full of great things to do, people to see and dreams to be chased.

I’m here for it.


I’ve been trying to find the right 30 looks to pack for the past few weeks, and I’m STILL searching.

I’ve thought so hard about my looks that I almost want to just bring a jumble and go from there.

For this New York trip, my focus will be on looking super stylish, while remaining comfortable in my own skin.

I thought about heading to Fashion Week and trying TOO hard…

But, why?

Over the past year, I’ve grown so comfortable with my own style and its evolution.

I just want that to be featured.


Designer pulls and shopping are what the next week will consist of to prepare for Fashion Week.

I’m ready to share my experiences with you via social media!

Make sure you follow my journey.




Website: http://www.uncommonstylist.4ormat.com

Instagram: @uncommonstylist

Snapchat: UnCommonStylist

Photogapher: Alexis Ross

Prepping for Fashion Week like…


IMG_4292 (2)

A ton of my wardrobe is based on denim.

Working for a denim brand, I’ve become well-versed on the various qualities, cuts and styles.

I’ve fallen in love with the culture of denim and how it translates into the lives of millions.

When I stumbled upon this vintage, denim dress at my local thrift shop, there were several thoughts going through my head.

Number 1: It’s a DENIM dress, that flows to my ankles.

Number 2: The bust of the dress reminds me of a vintage corset.

Number 3: I’d enjoy layering this piece during the various seasons of the year.

IMG_4289 (2)

So, I had to snag it!

Whenever I’m thrifting and happen to run into a vintage denim piece, it’s usually in my cart.

Denim pieces can be used, layered, distressed and cut up in so many different ways.

It can be dressed up or stripped down, and I’m continuously here for it.

IMG_4293 (3)

I decided to unbutton the lengthy row of buttons starting at the bottom of the dress.

I layered the dress over a denim pair of daisy dukes because the weather is scorching in Cincinnati.

I’ve been getting so into fusing sportswear and fashion, which inspired me to pair this look with my white sneakers.

My looks have been simplified due to the heat and a sharp change in my attitude.

I’ve been so focused on controlling things that are within my reach versus consistently stressing out.

So, I’ve been reflective of this life change within my personal style.

IMG_4285 (2)

As far as styling is concerned, I just wrapped ‘NOT ANOTHER FASHION SHOW’ last week.

I don’t want to spill the beans for my followers who were not there.

I’m dropping a huge blog post that’s focusing strictly on my production in my home city.

Wait on it.

Outside of that, I have been uncovering new ways to continue broadening myself as a fashion mogul.

I have several projects that are brewing- some that can’t be revealed.

But, I cannot wait to share!

IMG_4290 (2)

My focus is to develop my stamp as a fashion enthusiast in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Regardless of where I decide to go, I’m leaving my mark here before doing so.

The art culture in Cincinnati is so underdeveloped, and it’s going to take open minds to change that.

I’m down to start NOW.

Are you?

IMG_4291 (2)


Dress: Valley Thrift Store

Shorts: F21

Sneakers: ALDO

Accessories: VINTAGE


Pink Pusha.

IMG_4130 (2)

At this point, I’ve just been focused on pushing through the pressure.

Sort of leaning into the uncomfortable conversations and moments to get past them.

Producing this fashion show has been challenging.

From point A to point Z, I’ve had to fight to ensure that my vision remains crystal clear.

Despite the thoughts of others, I’ve remained true to what I envisioned this show to be.

Just wait on it.


IMG_4139 (2)

Besides the show, I have been thinking about the future.

After this weekend, I will be focusing on a huge project and taking on the role of an entrepreneur.

This is something new for me, but I’m determined to create an avenue in Cincinnati for other young professionals who want a career in fashion.

I want to give something that I never had.

IMG_4112 (2)

While flexing my #GIRLBOSS muscle, I’m hoping to continue growing as an artist.

I’m already planning a groundbreaking Fashion Week trip in September, where I will make sure that I am attending shows, volunteering and networking.

Prepping for this is definitely not for the weak.

There is no pamphlet on how to gain a pass to Fashion Week.

You just have to wing it.

IMG_4124 (2)

My plans are getting more complex, but I’m ready.

I’m prepared to take my brand to a whole new level.

Remember the name.

IMG_4118 (2)

I snagged this fit from my local thrift shop.

I rummaged through the men’s section and found this button down with a soft color palette.

I paired it with these pastel pink jeans with the high waist.

Oh, I recently dyed my hair partly blue.

My 25 year of life brought some big changes.



Pink Pusha.

Gucci Fall 2016



The amazing thing about fashion has to be the fact that brands, fashion houses and even people are able to evolve and redefine themselves constantly.

With a new creative director, Alessandro Michele, Gucci has been able to reinvent and to truly come back with a bang.

I’d definitely say that the new creative director has an amazing eye and knowledge for the history and future of fashion.

So much that he pulled this off with no hesitation.



I enjoyed viewing this collection because of all of the creativity that went into the presentation.

The visuals were vivid to say the least.

Inspiration was pulled from various fashion eras to create this extravagant fashion exhibit.



Prancing down the runway, we saw bold fashion inspiration that ranged from 70’s suiting and menswear, to timeless rocker chic, with a touch of French couture.

With hints of the greatest fashion realms from several decades, I’d say that we were definitely in for the kill.



The collection is a favorite of mine due to the fact that no one garment is alike. C’mon. We’ve all viewed collections where you’re confusing the design coming down the runway with the one you viewed 4 models ago.

There is substance in this.




It reminds me of a street style jumble up.

There is effortless design here, but we also have creative and strategic styling that played a sole role in what this fashion presentation became.



The styling may seem outrageous- biker jackets paired with pleated skirts, outerwear made of crocodile skin with puffer sleeves and a cinched waist, or even baseball caps to top off ruffled gowns.

I thought it was genius.



People love to follow the fashion rules, but I think bending and breaking them can’t possibly hurt- in this case.

We don’t have to be so serious- this is a prime example.



The beauty in each garment happens to be the fact that its perfectly constructed to be seen as different from the previous.

The remnants of each century, time frame and fashion era are what pull the entire collection together as one.


With each model wearing a statement, I found it hard to not fall in love with this.

I feel that fashion needs sporadic moments and times such as this one to keep us on our feet.

Don’t you?


In all, the feathered gowns, shaggy fur coats, printed smocks and sequinned blazers all played a major role in the mash up of high fashion mixed with street style.

Each look was obviously constructed with passion, product knowledge and details in mind.

I’d find somewhere to where every one of these looks.

Just give me a chance.











Gucci Fall 2016

Chapter Men’s RTW Fall 2016

chapter-mf16-05 (1).jpg

I have a deep appreciation for the fact that a separate Fashion Week has been created for menswear.

It was necessary.

With another period totally dedicated to lines of menswear, it is opening an entire wavelength for the representation of men within the fashion industry.

After surfing the internet from home, I stumbled upon this collection; one that I admire.chapter-mf16-13.jpg

The collection struck men because it’s a showcase of men who are not only individuals, but also individuals with style.

Although, the collection is labelled as menswear, there are female models and the pieces are not giving off vibes that scream alpha-male.

The collection is probably a favorite of mine, because I can see myself wearing any of these pieces.

I’ve been a fan of menswear for a while due to the fact that I cant get enough of boxy silhouettes, ultra layering and muted color palettes.


Chapter used the showcase or presentation styled exhibit. versus runway- I thought this was brilliant.

The still exhibit offers something much different than a runway show. It offers onlookers to study the collection and pieces as art, allowing them to have a growing appreciation for it.

The collection was a mash-up of oversized, yet simplistic peacoats, trousers featuring dropped waists and crotches, lengthy and boxy tops, and knee length bombers.

Chapter Men's RTW Fall 2016
Chapter Men’s RTW Fall 2016


The subtle details always make or break a collection in m eyes.

The details featured here include neatly tied shoes to complete a ‘street-styled’ look, silver garnishments and jewelry, and visible socks underneath trousers.

The models were exquisite, with totally natural faces, with shaggy bed hair. There was also a good variety of models regarding their looks, making the collection seem more realistic.

Chapter Men's RTW Fall 2016
Chapter Men’s RTW Fall 2016


Men’s fashion doesn’t have to be so overtly masculine anymore-

I mean, what are we trying to prove?

I’ve been seeing more designers breaking the rules regarding fashion, which is something I’m in love with.

Some of the pieces can definitely be seen as unisex-

If you’re comfortable in your skin.

Regardless of that, the reality of the matter is that street style is a collection of our own individuality mixed with pieces we try to mimic off of the runway- Right?

This collection embodies street style.


Chapter Men’s RTW Fall 2016

Grey Days.

IMG_3393 (2)

Obviously, it’s a new year.

My holiday season was extremely busy, but it was also an exciting time.

Fashion took a backseat for me towards the end of 2016.

Due to my new job and starting new things personally,

I haven’t been as inspired as I normally am.

With the start of the new year, I’ve been able to refocus.

IMG_3400 (2)

For the past week, I’ve been reaching out to photographers.

I’m ready to revamp my portfolio and get back to networking.

I’m headed to NYC for Fashion Week in February, which is insane!

I have a few editorials set for January and February, and I found out the some of my work is being published on January 15, 2016.

IMG_3371 (2)

I’ve been trying to keep up with blogging during my hiatus to stay ‘relevant’ in my mind.

It’s been giving me something to stay motivated about, and I’m able to post quickly.

IMG_3397 (2)IMG_3369 (2)

My look of the day was simply a compilation of grey’s, with a mixture of active wear and menswear.

I’m the biggest fan of mixing different types of clothing on various body types.

Menswear is my number one go to, because I love oversized pieces, boxy structures and the great fabrics that I find.

IMG_3406 (2)

I found this men’s sweater from my local thrift store and paired it with some inexpensive sweatpants that I picked up from Forever 21.

I tied this flowing top around my waist, I’ve been doing this a lot lately with flannels, blazers and shirts.

I grabbed my black fur chubby that I bought for New Years Eve and never wore.

Basic jewelry is always a necessity, but I elevated my look with my black pumps.

I hope everyone has set some amazing goals for themselves for this year, that’s what I’m ALL about!

IMG_3340 (2)


Top: Valley Thrift Store

Sweatpants: Forever 21

Shoes: ALDO

Grey Days.