4 of Our Favorite Denim Trends

What’s not to love about stylist denim pieces?

Denim happens to be a material that is completely versatile. Pieces made of denim can easily be dressed up or for casual relaxation.

Let’s talk basics.

You should own at least one pair of skinny jeans, a pair of high waist jeans, and your go-to embellished denim. However, it never hurts to expand your denim collection, beyond the surface. We’re bringing you our personal denim fav’s to rock for fall.

Momma Knows Best

We love to get inspiration from things we’re familiar with…


These babies are no exception.

We all strive to be just like Mom… Even in her denim selects!

The vintage inspired style, known as mom jeans are quickly on the rise. Doesn’t matter if you’re into pure denim, or care for a little bleaching… Mom Jean’s are hitting the scene with emphasis. Channeling to 90s vibe, these jeans feature a high, cinched waist. Usually worn to harp on the physique, these jeans focus on the curves. We’ve been peeping a ton of these at local thrift shops, making it easy for you to snag your pair. They look great with a tucked blouse and cuffed at the ankles.

Trench Coats on Deck!

It’s about to get really chilly in here.

We’re digging the latest spin on the trench coat.

These denim overcoats are everything. Perfect addition to your closet due to their warmth and fashion edge. A denim overcoat can be layered on top of denim or rocked with your favorite colored slacks.

You’ve got options!

The fabric is the new-age neutral and can complete any look.

Denim Mini Skirt

The denim mini is pushing it’s way out of summer fashion and straight into fall. It’s also a trend that is defying fashion rules- It refuses to leave quietly.

By accentuating your legs and your favorite pair of shoes, this wardrobe staple is an keeper. From frayed distressing to full embroidering, denim skirts are being spotted at all of the best retailers.

Although most are under the impression that denim skirts are only for summer, we beg to differ. Pairing your denim skirt with a cowl neck sweater and over the knee boots brings this trend into season.

Denim Jackets

Baggy equals better.

Oversized denim jackets are more of a necessity than ever. These chic jackets are usually pulled from vintage menswear and work so well with most pieces in your closet.

Worried about keeping your jacket exclusive?

Give the jacket a little personal touch by adding embroidery, cutting the sleeves, layering, or even releasing the hem.

Denim is the new wardrobe essential these days.

You can remain casual for a day running errands, or add details that will dress it up for your next night out with the girls.

The proper denim style and item remains versatile and can fit any body type.

Since the summer is over, you’d better rack up before it’s too late!

Alexis Ross

4 of Our Favorite Denim Trends

Handbags on Fleek.

What you got in that bag?

It really doesn’t matter if you’re leaving the house with the most fashionable one.

Like any other promising wardrobe piece, quality handbags are the gifts that keep on giving. We’re seeing some creative design tactics that are going to be in heavy rotation on your closets come Fall. Being ‘must-haves’ is one thing, but these beauties have a ton of longevity- Which should last you way beyond Fall 2017.

The great thing about these handbag trends happens to be that you can style them with your layered, minimal or street chic looks. The styling options for the upcoming trends are endless- Just the way we like them.

One of these bags can take your look to the next level.


end 3



This fall may be bringing on all the chilly feels, which prompts you to be sure you’re dressing warm. Apparently, there is something else that needs to start warm too.

Your handbag.

Adding fur to just about anything is a score. Fur makes us feel luxurious, classy and fab all at the same time (Faux is the way to go).

These puppies are notable for their unique and cozy designs that are perfect to match your fall gear.

Meet our new furry companions that are stylish and chic.


fur 2

fur 1

fur 3

Braggin’ Rights

On occasion, it’s gotta be okay to name drop.

Now- It’s on trend!

These handbags display good brand representation in a BOLD way. If you’re someone who loves to show off your fondness for your labels, whether it’s Calvin Klein or Dolce & Gabbana, this trend is perfect for you.

The great thing about this trend is that these handbags come in different shapes, sizes, and designs. They’re perfect for going to the club or even a formal dinner. It’s all about how you rock it and dress it up.

logo 1

logo 2

logo 3

Issa Collection

Are we seeing doubles? Maybe triples?

The more the merrier.

Extra is always better.

We’ve spotted multiple bags being connected by chic hardware pieces. The fun part is the fact that these multiples are being rocked like one handbag. Runway walkers have been sporting these collections of purses for various designers. This trend is perfect for anyone who likes to separate their makeup, wallet, and other miscellaneous items. If you’re a true lover for fashion, then you’ll find a way to wear it for the cause.

The cause of fashion.

three 1

three 3

three 2

Granny Got Swag

Some trends make you wanna slap yo grandma!

Or at least thank her for the idea.

Vintage purse designs have been revived to cater to the modern day fashion lover. These creative designs have pulled components from the best vintage pieces of the century. Snagging one of these treasures is a must at this point.

Versatility in your handbag selection is key. It’s the only way to continue killing the game!

vintage 1

vintage 2

vintage 5

Extra this, Extra That

Who can’t use a bit of embellishment in the accessories department?

I don’t think any hands should be raised at this point.

Extra embellishments have been spotted on the runway in the worst way.

We’re here for the drama.

These handbags range from clutches to cross overs. You just need to take your purse pick.

Decorative purses have everything you’re looking for. From chained straps to bejeweled sides to feathered broaches. This trend caters to all of our obsessed handbag collectors.

embelish 1

embelish 2

embelish 3

Who says that the main attraction is just the purse?

This next trend is all about the strap.

Straps are taking over the focal point of the purses! There are variations of furs, chains, and leather. This extravagant statement is certainly a eye catcher for those who love a simple purse, but like to add a little glamour here and there.

strap 3

strap 2

straps 1

If you want to complete your looks for this fall, make sure you’re adding some of these handbag trends to your closet very soon.

Serving various purposes, these handbag options have something for everyone. Regardless of whether you’re attending a ballroom dance or taking a trot to the grocery store, the trending bags and trends hold a ton of versatility.

Make one of these handbags your signature piece this fall.



end 5

-Alexis Ross











Handbags on Fleek.

Alexandre Vauthier Fall 2017 Couture

There are still fashion killers out there who live for ultra glam…

You know those looks that make heads swivel… The looks that go down in history for decades?

Vauthier happens to be one of them.

With the showcasing of the body of a woman through sensual draping, accentuating cuts and an innate idea for how one should come dressed for the party…

I’d say Alexandre Vauthier has managed to recycle old glam ideas and refreshingly bring them into the ‘now’.

Models gawked across the runway, which zig zagged throughout the venue with various twists and turns. Surrounded by a small audience, the runway was lit with lavender and purple hues and was topped off with a disco ball.

Add a disco ball to just about anything, and we can expect one hell of a party.

The walking mannequins bounced around in high spirits to upbeat disco tunes, passing each other with confident looks and sensual smiles.

Ending the runway, there stood a mirror…

In case the models were feeling vain.

We watched ruffles take over the runway through variations of cocktail dresses, statement midi skirts and upscale blouses.

Being produced with soft leather, sheer lace, and silky ribbon, ruffles added an effortless touch to many runway looks that will be replicated for months on end.

Serving as a continuous fashion trend throughout 2017, I’d say the ruffle accents throughout the runway show were touches of modish glam that we couldn’t live without.

Taking the runway show to the next level, Vauthier reveals a showstopper- the lavender, feathered minidress…

Talk about turning up the volume.

The sweetheart neckline was quickly engulfed by a swarm of lavender feathers that trailed down to her ankles in an asymmetrical order.

The mini dress slowly cruised up the models’ thigh, giving the dress some an amp of dimension and most importantly- Sex appeal.

I’d call this the number one stunna’.

We saw a trend of lame´ draped dresses, where looks resembles burning metals- creating deepened necklines, everflowing leg slits and bussling sleeves.

The lame´ dresses were featured in bold metallic colours that ranged from cool silver to frosted magenta.

Models appeared on the runway in these serene looks- creating the facade that Vauthier draped each of them in his sleep.

Go figure.

Yes, we’ve seen the black turtleneck before, but not quite in this setting.

The sheer black turtleneck made a huge statement on the runway throughout this collection, while turning more heads than one.

Models were not only featuring the hottest pieces on the runway, but their hottest assets.

The sheerness of the turtlenecks added sensuality to the collection and brought the idealism of the collection full circle.

Women are powerful and can wear what the fuck they want.

There’s no shame in flaunting it if you have it…


Each turtleneck was topped off with power shoulders, giving the ladies a sense of authority over the party.

Styling them with a leather midi skirt or high waist culottes added to the suggestiveness seen throughout the collection.

Anyone acting orderly will be punished.

You’d better be invested in having some fun.

Knee high boots were added to almost every look, but they were featured in metallic colours to add that much more appeal.

The knee high’s varied in the classic black leather, black velvet, full lace, and metallic magenta and jade.

I can obviously see these boots inspiring thousands of bad ass looks throughout the street style culture in the months to come.

We all deserve a pair.

Need I say more?

The night ended in drama…


In the best way.

Vauthier designed a black party dress with a cinched waist- made completely sheer (of course). This number was decked out with a black veil to match and styled with the biggest chandelier earrings that one can locate. Adding black knee high boots took this look from lewd to excessive in .5 seconds.

We love the drama.

We always need the drama.

Whoever expressed that couture was dead needed a revelation…

This glamour provided just that for me.

But, who am I?

Signing off…


View the runway show for yourself by following the link below.

Enjoy 🙂

Alexandre Vauthier’s Fall 2017 Couture Collection

Alexandre Vauthier Fall 2017 Couture

Balmain 2018 Menswear

I think most of us have come to the realization that Oliver Rousteing never disappoints.

He reigns supreme in my book.

Releasing another jaw dropping collection for the art lovers to admire, the rich to sport and the fast-fashion creators to recreate.

The creativity of the mind is obviously beyond measure… We see this through hus constant evolution, while remaining true to the brand.

Creating an exhilarating fusion of both American and French cultures was the perfect translation to the audience…

Providing us with pieces that featured monochrome elements, bold stripes and deeply embroidered items honed in on French inspiration.

But, we also were met with inverted American flags, hammered leather jackets and all the fringe we could ask for.

While staying true to his French roots, Rousteing was able to create modern depictions of where fashion is now- Or, where it should be.

Don’t you agree?

Often times, pieces still held that Balmain Army vibe, while taking the audience to another wavelength.

We were able to continue seeing matching suit pieces, accentuated shoulders, cinched waists and killer thigh high lace-ups.

Most models sported leather, embellished handbags or backpacks that completed the looks that pranced down the runway.

I’m sure we’d all kill to own one.

Menswear seemed to emphasize on unisex aspects, which seemed effortless, comforting and natural.

Men sported tailored slacks, skinny styled denim pants and slimmed moto jeans. There were broadened shoulders, and amazingly stylist leather and suede dress shoes.

The attention paid to the details that made up the menswear within the collection went to show one thing…

That men are able to be just as stylish, particular and multifaceted as women in regards to fashion.

Modernized leather jackets were on of the pieces to steal the show.

Through innovation, detailing and embellishments- the jackets were able to be showcased as a male wardrobe staple.

Not to mention, black leather jackets go down in history as a signature American fashion trend that repeats itself over and over.

But, Rousteing was able to remain original in the design of each one.

That’s a plus.

The black and white theme was the strength of the collection.

It showed uniformity, and challenged the design team to create outside of the box with a classic color palette.

We saw a small shift in the color palette towards that end of the collection-

Talk about a transition.

Neutral and classic colors dominated the second half of the show, making the transition natural and soothing to the audience.

Embellishments were taken to the next level, as Rousteing displayed mosaic-like embroidery, heavy chain detailing and studding on most outerwear pieces.

The volume was turned up with bigger and better accessories and elements that made the pieces stand out.

This type of action is what sets trends…

I’m into it.





We seeing Rousteing wrapping the show with extravagant metallics and spins to ballroom leisure.

Male pieces continued to remain cool and effortless, while remaining designer in the clear quality of the items and the uniqueness.

Women sported remixed ballroom gowns, which showcased sheer leg panels and reconstructed male blazers.

Dresses weren’t just ‘dresses’, they were works of art.

As you can tell.

We definitely have a winner here…

Or several.

But, we already knew that.

Signing off.




Balmain 2018 Menswear

Versace Resort 2018

I’m beginning to notice more and more that in fashion design, there are prominent LEVELS that make up the craft. After a vivid viewing of the Versace Resort collection, I’d say that Versace still stands as an elite fashion house- producing some of the most trend setting and inspiring pieces to date.
After reading up on Donatella’s allegiance to the City of Angels, I began to understand the background and inspiration of the collection. Not only does Los Angeles have a glistening vibe filled with an undying amount of sunsets from day to day- it has a liter of youthfulness, two cups of glam, 1/2 a cup of defiance with a pinch of street vibes. That’s one hell of a concoction, and it’s only made for the strong- forget the weak hearted. A city of dreamers, lovers and creatures searching for fulfillment- some say it’s the best city on the planet.

Not to mention Donatella sent her entire design team to L.A. to grab some of the greatest pieces and inspiration from the city.

Talk about a great boss.

The collection was a tribute to L.A., but also to the evolving fashion world which is becoming more diverse, applauding individuality, and a free range of style. 

With this evolution, we’re seeing more realistic models, more street style inspiration and the small faults that once needed correction. The beauty in that is the fact that fashion seems to be coming full circle for its onlookers.

I’d say that’s a plus.

But, what’s next for us?

The resort collection was one of various inspirational points that range from the multiple strands and cultural communities that make up the city of Los Angeles. Versace was able to take the aesthetic to another level by combining and mixing some of the world’s various entities and cultural looks into one solid collection.

I was very impressed by the array of inspiration pulled into this.

I’d purchase almost everything…

After I win the lottery.

We witnessed Rock and Roll references through the studded accessories, leather jackets and fringed skirts. There were bold pinstriped power suits that were layered over lace bralettes, or pencil skirts with slits that were sky high. 

There was a hint of 90s inspiration after beginning to see a trend in the color palette, which decorated layered patterns that consisted of palm trees, exotic flowers and peacock feathers- all resembling old Hollywood decor at its finest.

A collection with a piece for everyone- that’s what I’d call it. With it’s supply of various colors, textures, embellishments and more- I’m sure many can style these numbers in ways unimaginable.

The pieces have me feeling too cool, edgy and straight magical.

The streets should definitely be watching.

Signing off.


Versace Resort 2018

Gucci Resort 2018

Pulling inspiration from Ancient Classical periods in history, Alessandro Michele revealed another collection under Gucci where his extravagance can be appreciated. Weaving in classical elements with pieces of history from the 60s, 70s and the Renaissance happens to be the key successor of this collection. We saw an array of colors that were derived from royal palettes, consisting of rich purples, golden hues, canary yellows, royal reds and nautical blues. After reviewing the collection, I saw a fusion of cultures and time periods in every look- which added fascination and stimulation for any fashion lover like myself. The accessories made each look- adding excessiveness to the embroidered, bedazzled and woven pieces throughout. Michele added heavy elegance through the outerwear pieces within the collection- featuring fur chubbies, elongated bomber jackets, silk blazers and woven cardigans. We saw the consistent fusion that Gucci continuously brings- nerdy meets elegance, trends meet classics, and children meet adulthood. Pulling inspiration from various cultures, ethnic backgrounds, previous designers, and meaningful time periods- Gucci outdoes itself all over again. Signing off.

Gucci Resort 2018

Valentino Resort 2018

With a continuous exploration of various cultures and ethnic backgrounds, Valentino has managed to dive into one that is beloved by the majority of Americans; Hip Hop. After falling in love with Netflix Series, The Get Down, Valentino’s creative director, Piccioli took a jab at bringing pieces from the series to life. Transitioning from high end to everyday, Piccioli was able to create pieces with inspiration pulled from the streets of New York City. Putting a luxurious twist on the tracksuit, Piccioli utilized hammered silks in hues of emerald green, flamingo pink and ruby red. He added to the mix by creating lengthy track dresses that featured zippers and piping, adding to the sporty theme. There were small focuses on army fatigue and bleached and washed denim. There were deep remnants of embroidery and small touches of patchwork. All elements met in harmony on the runway, taking the audience on a journey that connected the past with the future in a thrilling way. There is beauty in the exploration of culture, through the eyes of fashion and design… We just have to dig deeper. Signing off.



Valentino Resort 2018