Gucci Resort 2018

Pulling inspiration from Ancient Classical periods in history, Alessandro Michele revealed another collection under Gucci where his extravagance can be appreciated. Weaving in classical elements with pieces of history from the 60s, 70s and the Renaissance happens to be the key successor of this collection. We saw an array of colors that were derived from royal palettes, consisting of rich purples, golden hues, canary yellows, royal reds and nautical blues. After reviewing the collection, I saw a fusion of cultures and time periods in every look- which added fascination and stimulation for any fashion lover like myself. The accessories made each look- adding excessiveness to the embroidered, bedazzled and woven pieces throughout. Michele added heavy elegance through the outerwear pieces within the collection- featuring fur chubbies, elongated bomber jackets, silk blazers and woven cardigans. We saw the consistent fusion that Gucci continuously brings- nerdy meets elegance, trends meet classics, and children meet adulthood. Pulling inspiration from various cultures, ethnic backgrounds, previous designers, and meaningful time periods- Gucci outdoes itself all over again. Signing off.

Gucci Resort 2018

Valentino Resort 2018

With a continuous exploration of various cultures and ethnic backgrounds, Valentino has managed to dive into one that is beloved by the majority of Americans; Hip Hop. After falling in love with Netflix Series, The Get Down, Valentino’s creative director, Piccioli took a jab at bringing pieces from the series to life. Transitioning from high end to everyday, Piccioli was able to create pieces with inspiration pulled from the streets of New York City. Putting a luxurious twist on the tracksuit, Piccioli utilized hammered silks in hues of emerald green, flamingo pink and ruby red. He added to the mix by creating lengthy track dresses that featured zippers and piping, adding to the sporty theme. There were small focuses on army fatigue and bleached and washed denim. There were deep remnants of embroidery and small touches of patchwork. All elements met in harmony on the runway, taking the audience on a journey that connected the past with the future in a thrilling way. There is beauty in the exploration of culture, through the eyes of fashion and design… We just have to dig deeper. Signing off.



Valentino Resort 2018

Saint Laurent Fall 2017 Ready-to-Wear

Bringing ultra luxe elements to everyday classics in a woman’s closet, Yves Saint Laurent is revisiting the old while recreating the new. Pulling in new takes on dated design techniques, Vaccarello added nostalgia and rawness to original design concepts. Thick leathers were draped to create evening cocktail dresses, mesh was used to create bust lines, gems bedazzled the shapeless evening gowns, and velvet dominated. Ruching was at an all-time high throughout the collection and was used as a detail with toole, leather and PVC.

All of the fashion lovers gawked at the multi-faceted evening pieces that served serious 80s realness. The collection expressed that there are no limits within fashion and that women can be killer in just about anything. A woman wearing anything from this collection happens to be someone with MAJOR confidence, sense of style and sex appeal. The rhinestone calf boots were a site for sore eyes- an accessory that seals the deal to ANY look without question. I definitely need those in my life. Signing off.



Saint Laurent Fall 2017 Ready-to-Wear

Victoria Beckham Fall 2017 Ready-To-Wear

Beckham’s personal style evolution is the very thing that shines through her collection for Fall 2017. Bringing menswear inspired pieces to the forefront, with precise tailoring, Beckham was able to add her own twist to modern day classics. From embroidered turtleneck styles, to slouchy dress pants, to elongated pleat skirts- the collection honed in on a minimalists dream. She also played with intense printing and a dash of color throughout the collection. Despite the small pop of color, the palette consisted of deep greys, bold navy blues, crisp whites, and consistent blacks. Although Beckham served some classic realness, she also was able to add distinct detail throughout the collection. Wording details were added to slouched slacks, trench coats were created from PVC, and the white button down was revised with a tie detailing. Wide legs, boxy outerwear pieces, and exaggerated cowl necklines dominated throughout the collection. This collection is for the calm, cool and collective woman with effortless style. Signing off.


Victoria Beckham Fall 2017 Ready-To-Wear

Prepping for Fashion Week like…


Is it nearly September already?

I think we’re all very unsure as to where the time has gone…

But, I’m quickly working through it.

My time has been super dedicated to work as of late.

But, I am committed to creating a brand out of myself and what I do.

So, getting focused is a MUST!


Besides diving into a new business venture which will exercise my buying and styling skills,

I have been planning a New York Fashion Week for the past month.

No, I won’t be getting into any of the super huge shows, but I felt it was important to be in the room.

I want to flex that networking muscle while in New York the first week of September.

I’ve been invited to 7 shows that will feature up and coming designers, and I’m super stoked.


Every time I prepare for a trip to New York, I feel like it’s my first time again.

From the excitement regarding being around like-minded people, to the nervousness surrounding whether I’m good enough to hang or not.

The city is full of great things to do, people to see and dreams to be chased.

I’m here for it.


I’ve been trying to find the right 30 looks to pack for the past few weeks, and I’m STILL searching.

I’ve thought so hard about my looks that I almost want to just bring a jumble and go from there.

For this New York trip, my focus will be on looking super stylish, while remaining comfortable in my own skin.

I thought about heading to Fashion Week and trying TOO hard…

But, why?

Over the past year, I’ve grown so comfortable with my own style and its evolution.

I just want that to be featured.


Designer pulls and shopping are what the next week will consist of to prepare for Fashion Week.

I’m ready to share my experiences with you via social media!

Make sure you follow my journey.





Instagram: @uncommonstylist

Snapchat: UnCommonStylist

Photogapher: Alexis Ross

Prepping for Fashion Week like…

Slippin’ Away.


Creating a business out of my love for fashion has been the most challenging and rewarding task that I’ve ever been presented with.

While working on producing and styling this fashion show, I’ve realized this more than ever.

Being the point of contact for this event, I have about 20 thousand emotions that I go through daily.

I’m illuminated, depressed, frustrated and nervous.

Because I’ve never been challenged in this way before.


As I’ve began tapping into a ton of fashion management skills, I’ve have learned to never compromise my actual vision to make others comfortable.

I’ve been diving into less of what style and fashion look like…

I have been questioning how they make me feel…

What statements I hope to make…

Venturing into the aesthetic…

The presentation.


The reason I decided to produce a fashion exhibit or showcase was to provide a realm where Ohio artists could begin flexing their skills.

Too many times I’ve heard, “You need to be in New York or Los Angeles…”

“Cincinnati isn’t a fashion city…”

“You can’t actually believe that you’ll be a relevant stylist in Cincinnati…”

My answer is… “But, why?”

Why do we need to navigate and venture out of our growing city or state to fulfill our destinies?

Yes, I’m a die-hard New York fan- but Cincinnati raised me.

Who will stay to pave the way for the artists and creative dreamers who are interested in fashion or the arts?

So, hopefully the show will get a conversation started.

Because, there IS talent in Ohio.

We just don’t always know when and how to utilize it.


Pulling looks for the show has also helped me to revolve my own personal style.

It’s taking on a life of itself.

Speaking of what I’m wearing…

Slips are in.

Get into it.


A year ago, I would’ve never felt comfortable enough with myself to rock this look in public.

But, as of lately- I’ve been digging more of what I think and less of the thoughts of others.

I’m getting into this whole women’s empowerment thing.

If I want to be a sex-kitten, I CAN.

If I want to dress like a man, I CAN.


I’ve been following trend forecasts like crazy and silk, slip dresses, and the use of nightwear as the modern day get-up is a consistent trend.

I’m definitely here for women wearing their lingerie or sleepwear outdoors…


Well, this summer is going to be a hot one.

Free flowing pants, oversized tops, short and lightweight slips will be cool and chic.

Also, it’s breaking the rules- which I love.

This 90s trend is making a comeback, but I think the fact that it has made it’s way back around is about more than just looks.

When the trend broke into the fashion industry, how did it make women feel?

Fearless, resilient, sexy, independent…

That’s what’s important.


We get so caught up in the boxes that society puts us in…

And, so damn conservative…

Can we live? And, let go?


I paired my slip dress with a silk overcoat and knee-high boots.

Delicate jewelry pieces are a given, with a chunky wrist.

I added an attitude mixed with Carrie Bradshaw, Naomi Campbell, and Madonna…

And, this is what I got.

Oh yeah.


Then, why haven’t you gotten your ticket to NOT ANOTHER FASHION SHOW?


Slippin’ Away.

Super Street.

IMG_3781 (2)

Between my 9-5 and my fashion interests, time has seriously gotten away from me.

I’ve been planning so many things to create a window for more fashion projects in my life.

From planning a huge summer fashion show to opening a boutique in fall/winter- there is no time to play.

I’m enjoying it, though.

IMG_3788 (2)

IMG_3792 (2)

Lately, I’ve been trying to get more detailed and intricate with my personal styling.

Since, thrifting is life and I’m not a part of the upper class, I’ve been snagging inexpensive finds.

In finding some creativity within my own wardrobe, I’ve been turning dresses into elongated tops, layering robes over bra’s and shredding my jeans.

IMG_3785 (2)

IMG_3787 (2)

My look last night harped on my attention to detail.

I’ve been more urban than ever, especially with braids.

But, I’ve never felt more like myself.

I snagged some new gold rings from Clifton and this Army inspired dress from Valley Thrift.

IMG_3778 (2)

I layered the dress over a sheer overlay and shredded denim.

Threw on an open toe heel and stacked the accessories like crazy.

Then, came this look.

IMG_3774 (2)

Army Top: Valley Thrift
Sheer Overlay: F21
Denim: Levi
Heels: Charlotte Russe

Photography: Rhonda Daniels

Super Street.