Street Style Feels.

One of the greatest parts of cities that have established or evolving fashion scenes doesn’t only consist of the amazing fashion parties, runway shows and endless art filled events.. What about the people that attend them? After studying street style fashion from London’s Spring ’18 Menswear Shows and Pitti Uomo in Florence, I fell in love with the notion of street style all over again. What is street style? Self expression and identity displayed unapologetically. That’s my definition. A sense of style that is never created within design studios, but from the grassroots of the streets and the youth. Often times, we feel we are obligated to mirror a particular trend or celebrity’s sense of style… But, why? Is it because this is all that we see on social media, in magazines, and within society? Probably so. Looking through this collection of photographs, everyone seems to be within their own realm- within their own lane. It seems as if each person woke up that morning and decided to actually express themselves through their clothing- like they decided to defy society’s stencil of what they should look like.

Looking through photos of unique people in places that are far, far away from me- I’ve noticed something. Living in Cincinnati, a budding city with a ton of creative potential, I often see little to no individuality. There are a handful of creatives trying to work towards something here, something that will build a fashion scene- but it’s difficult because the masses don’t support individuality. As we are trained to remain conservative and repetitive in the careers we choose, the lives we live and the way that we look- Does this just become the cycle?

What is it going to take to gain more individuals who are comfortable in their own skin? Setting their own trends? Creating their own looks through research, fashion inspiration and more?

I guess I’m tired of seeing us all look alike and act alike. It’s like a city of robots.

But, who will break the cycle?

I think the lack of creativity blooms into a bigger picture that fashion- it grows into how we actually feel about ourselves, how we hold ourselves accountable within society, and how we lack positive change.

Unlike New York City or Los Angeles, Cincinnati is not necessarily a fashion capital of the world. So, we aren’t often handed the opportunities that creatives are given within those fashion capitals of the world. We have to work for them, build them. We have to start somewhere. But, us all looking alike and doing the same things won’t change that or open our eyes.

We have something thriving here, but we need to be different to impact the world.

I think we have a culture too.

We just haven’t tapped into it yet.

Street Style Feels.

Yeezy 2017 Ready-to-Wear

Yeezy did it for the fans, he did it for the street walkers. Bringing street style to the forefront, Yeezy made an effort to pull his artistry to the looks that his followers have been sporting for years. Through a mixture of denim jumpsuits, oversized hoodies, camouflage parkas, and a few replicas of your dad’s favorite jacket, West was able to speak directly to the streets. 

Pieces resembled looks that thrifters and hipsters have always created. Jeans were tucked into knee high boots, full length coats dripped as layering pieces, and tops were bunched into high waist pants. With the use of his star power, Kanye has an unlikely advantage over other designers that hasn’t reached its fullest potential. Through his inspiration from his own personal style and the style of his fans, West defintely seems to be moving in the right direction to face a spike in sales overall. 

The people want every day looks and Yeezy gave them just that. Considering the fact that West didn’t do a walk through after the show was complete, I’d say that he is definitely taking a backseat with the antics and he’s allowing the work to speak for itself. Great move. Signing off.


Yeezy 2017 Ready-to-Wear

DKNY Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear

A seamless and trend setting collection-

That’s what I feel DKNY presented for us in its Spring 2017 reveal.

Through the fusion of menswear, street style and sex appeal- designers have created a stylists dream.

I gawked at every model.

The men’s blazer was reincarnated in various ways throughout this collection with innovative design and styling techniques.

Women sported plunging necklines, boxy silhouettes, power shoulders and cinched waists.

The collection provided many familiar but remixed street style moments by taking inspiration from what’s happening within our closets right now.

There are lines being crossed in lifestyle fashion right now- 

There are no rules.

There were lightly branded pieces and accessories that added an urban touch to the forefront.

Elongated sweat shirts were paired with mid-length skirts, and track jackets were accompanied with high-waist trousers.

The smallest details are what made the collection so real and within arms reach for the normal street walkers.

From the frayed edges, to the leg slits- the DEETS took a front seat.

Many looks were accompanied with high knee socks and fanny packs to add a street layering effect.

The later parts of the collection were inspired by vintage trenches, the classic jumpsuit, and 90s tracksuits.

I thoroughly enjoyed the reinvention of many retail classics through the addition of new cuts, the addition of fabric, and the addition of embellishments.

Confort within high fashion was brought to a new level with this collection of pieces.

There seems to be a huge shift happening within fashion at this point.

Sportswear is taking a front seat in the inspiration of trends this year.

The rendition of chastity belt with sheer panels and extended thigh action was definitely the move for spring. 

The dressing and sexual freedom of women is something that is being expressed and changed right on the runway.

This collection is showcasing that women can remain powerful through the use of menswear, that they are able to show skin, that they are able to flex their curves.

The future of women’s fashion is the vibe that I got from this collection.

The potential from one piece to the next is ridiculous.

Everything remains interchangeable, but unique within it’s own right.

I know I’m not the only one who can’t wait to see more from new creative directors, Maxwell Osborne and Dao-Yi Chow.

Signing off.

DKNY Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear



I just want a balanced mixture of sporty and chic for my entire life.

I’m falling in love with creating looks that can incorporate various avenues of fashion that totally oppose each other.

Who wears silk with Converse kicks?

Yeah, I do.


I heard that chokers are the new thing these days.

So, I grabbed a piece of white lace and created one this morning.

I’m all for turning lingerie into street wear in any way possible.

So, this thrifted Victoria’s Secret rob turned into the perfect busty blouse for the afternoon.



I was running a ton of errands, and jotting down ideas for my next fashion move in the city.

So, jeans were a must for the day.

I snagged some ‘Mom Jeans’ from my local thrift shop, and I’m dying for them.

They’re oversized, slightly white washed and high-waisted.

Perfect match.


I added a metallic gold belt to add a draping affect to the blouse and the garnish the jeans.

I wanted to feel put together and effortless at the same time today.

So, I just dressed how I felt.



Adding the Converse to the equation just took it over the edge.

I just bought these for a late birthday present to myself.

All white, cool and crisp.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Adding a sporty feel to this look was probably against all the fashion rules…

But, I swear fashion is about breaking the rules.


Signing off until next time.

Vibrate higher.


Robe: Victoria’s Secret
Jeans: Levi
Sneakers: Converse
Belt: Vintage


Narciso Rodriguez Fall 2015


In preparation for the cooler part of the year, I wanted to showcase one of my favorite collections for the fall. I think most people with a fashion background find excitement in the fall and winter months because we actually get to DRESS. From layering, to dabbling with deeper hues, to even mixing up our accessories- The cooler months allow us to truly experiment with different levels of styling.

I viewed this collection the other day and I really had an appreciation for the color palette, attention to detail and the movement that each garment gave the audience while on the runway. Each model looked very elongated and lengthened due to the knee length dress and skirts, floor length trousers, and very high waist lines. To add to the sleekness of the collection, tops were very form fitting underneath flowing vests and coats. The fashion models are being called living fashion croquis due to their amazing similarities to fashion sketches- I’d definitely agree. The minimal styling and accessorizing complimented the collection perfectly. These high quality pieces were constructed with extreme attention to detail and movement. The designers nailed this entire look.

_A2X0017 MARC0029 _A2X0032 _A2X0046 MARC0081 MARC0093 _A2X0133 MARC0181 MARC0197 _A2X0275 MARC0265 _A2X0399 MARC0427 _A2X0635 MARC0499 MARC0543 _A2X0721 MARC0675 _A2X0884 MARC0775

Narciso Rodriguez Fall 2015


IMG_2240 (2)

There is something refreshing about wearing all white…

In my opinion.

It’s such a clean and sleek look.

I think wearing any color in a monochromatic fashion can tend to get boring-

If you don’t take the time to break it up or switch it up.

Yesterday, I made sure to do just that.

I decided to pair my white, chain jeans with a lengthy with button up top.

I topped the look off with a cream blazer over the shoulders to take it ‘there’

IMG_2251 (2)

I decided to take an androgynous approach with my top by buttoning it to the top.

I kept my glam simple, with a burgundy lip and a high ninja bun.

My goal was to look as edgy in white as possible.

IMG_2258 (2) IMG_2241 (2)

My white clutch and nude heels were the accessories for my look.

I stayed away from earrings and necklaces, just keeping the focus on the key pieces.

I never really go out without earrings- This was different for me.

IMG_2245 (2) IMG_2242 (2) IMG_2247 (2)

This look was comfortable, chic and clean.

Top: H&M

Jacket: Jones New York

Jeans: Bebe

Shoes: Urbanog

Clutch: F21