Handbags on Fleek.

What you got in that bag?

It really doesn’t matter if you’re leaving the house with the most fashionable one.

Like any other promising wardrobe piece, quality handbags are the gifts that keep on giving. We’re seeing some creative design tactics that are going to be in heavy rotation on your closets come Fall. Being ‘must-haves’ is one thing, but these beauties have a ton of longevity- Which should last you way beyond Fall 2017.

The great thing about these handbag trends happens to be that you can style them with your layered, minimal or street chic looks. The styling options for the upcoming trends are endless- Just the way we like them.

One of these bags can take your look to the next level.


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This fall may be bringing on all the chilly feels, which prompts you to be sure you’re dressing warm. Apparently, there is something else that needs to start warm too.

Your handbag.

Adding fur to just about anything is a score. Fur makes us feel luxurious, classy and fab all at the same time (Faux is the way to go).

These puppies are notable for their unique and cozy designs that are perfect to match your fall gear.

Meet our new furry companions that are stylish and chic.


fur 2

fur 1

fur 3

Braggin’ Rights

On occasion, it’s gotta be okay to name drop.

Now- It’s on trend!

These handbags display good brand representation in a BOLD way. If you’re someone who loves to show off your fondness for your labels, whether it’s Calvin Klein or Dolce & Gabbana, this trend is perfect for you.

The great thing about this trend is that these handbags come in different shapes, sizes, and designs. They’re perfect for going to the club or even a formal dinner. It’s all about how you rock it and dress it up.

logo 1

logo 2

logo 3

Issa Collection

Are we seeing doubles? Maybe triples?

The more the merrier.

Extra is always better.

We’ve spotted multiple bags being connected by chic hardware pieces. The fun part is the fact that these multiples are being rocked like one handbag. Runway walkers have been sporting these collections of purses for various designers. This trend is perfect for anyone who likes to separate their makeup, wallet, and other miscellaneous items. If you’re a true lover for fashion, then you’ll find a way to wear it for the cause.

The cause of fashion.

three 1

three 3

three 2

Granny Got Swag

Some trends make you wanna slap yo grandma!

Or at least thank her for the idea.

Vintage purse designs have been revived to cater to the modern day fashion lover. These creative designs have pulled components from the best vintage pieces of the century. Snagging one of these treasures is a must at this point.

Versatility in your handbag selection is key. It’s the only way to continue killing the game!

vintage 1

vintage 2

vintage 5

Extra this, Extra That

Who can’t use a bit of embellishment in the accessories department?

I don’t think any hands should be raised at this point.

Extra embellishments have been spotted on the runway in the worst way.

We’re here for the drama.

These handbags range from clutches to cross overs. You just need to take your purse pick.

Decorative purses have everything you’re looking for. From chained straps to bejeweled sides to feathered broaches. This trend caters to all of our obsessed handbag collectors.

embelish 1

embelish 2

embelish 3

Who says that the main attraction is just the purse?

This next trend is all about the strap.

Straps are taking over the focal point of the purses! There are variations of furs, chains, and leather. This extravagant statement is certainly a eye catcher for those who love a simple purse, but like to add a little glamour here and there.

strap 3

strap 2

straps 1

If you want to complete your looks for this fall, make sure you’re adding some of these handbag trends to your closet very soon.

Serving various purposes, these handbag options have something for everyone. Regardless of whether you’re attending a ballroom dance or taking a trot to the grocery store, the trending bags and trends hold a ton of versatility.

Make one of these handbags your signature piece this fall.



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-Alexis Ross











Handbags on Fleek.

T by Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang has found a rare way to incorporate your everyday sweatsuit into the workplace through clever design and precise cuts. Keeping it chic and cool, Wang has orchestrated a pivotal moment for women who want to hone in on comfort and luxury at the same time. Fusing reinvented button downs with classic cigarette slacks seems to be a reoccurring theme that brings a sense of sophistication and a hint of androgyny. Holding steadfast to a strong color palette consisting of Kelly green, crisp whites, cool grey’s and sharp black’s- Wang kept the vibe professional and straightforward. I can appreciate the styling aspect that showcases the pieces and the range they are able to hold in a woman’s wardrobe. From dressing skirts down with flat boots to pairing wide legged pant with open-toed sandals, the styling precisely enables women to have a magnitude of choices with each piece. Knock offs are probably already being created to replicate Wang’s vision, and I can see why. Signing off.


T by Alexander Wang

All About the Trends.

Let’s talk about ANGLES.


Ronald van der Kemp’s collection was fascinating, to say the least.

Not only did he ‘wow’ the fashion world with the array of colors and fabric compilations-

But, also with his wide range and use of drastic angles.

Throughout the collection, his angles shined through by showcasing the female body in various ways.

The array of angles played games with my eyes, but kept me excited to view the next piece.


From the deep v-necks, to the sharp and high neck lines- the designer paid close attention to how to keep the collection cohesive.

A ton of the elements that hold this collection together should be explosive on the scene during Fall.

The mixture of classic elements and street motivated concepts of styling is what will cause the feel of this collection to be transparent to all walks of life.


The collection also dives into the sphere of crossing lines regarding the sexes.

Since women sporting menswear or male inspired looks, I’d say that the various styles and designs created are being elevated quickly.

I think these looks make a woman feel powerful.

Like she’s in control of her life, her destiny and her sexuality… On all levels.

I can see these looks becoming very achieveable by utilizing your favorite thrift shop to pick up a few oversized blazers, a pair of leather trousers, a full length trench coat and a vintage pair of heavy-duty cargos.

I cannot wait to see some of these angle-inspired looks resurfacing on the streets on NYC this fall.



Military MUCH?


Alexandre Vauthier brought heavy military vibes that are always necessary for the fall.

With the compilation of gaudy trenches, oversized jumpsuits, and heavy shouldered wrap dresses, this collection harped on the essential layering pieces of the season.

Although the collection was based on the familiar fashion trend, the silhouettes created within this collection are vibrant and fresh.


With this militant themed collection, it also represents power within women as well.

Think about how a woman feels sporting military inspired clothing that was initially intended for men.

The designs capitalized on power shoulders, slouchy joggers, and many oversized garments that compliment the shape of a woman.

Heavy hardware completed each look of this collection.

It showcased fall street style, while also holding elegance with remnants of evening wear.


With a heavy sense of layering, one can accomplish looks like these with ease.

They can be created with many essentials that are currently present in your closet right now.

Borrowing your boyfriends huge button down, cuffing your boyfriend jeans and leaving a few buttons undone is a start.

The look is edgy and heavily dependant on power pieces to bring it.


Bring ME metallics.


Ulyana Sergeenko sent a ton of metallic pieces down the runway back in February that helped set a trend that we’ll see unraveling here soon.

Bringing sequined wrap dresses and bedazzled body suits to the forefront is not unusual.

It just always seems to captivate an audience in the same way.

We seem to constantly fall in love with metallics every time winter comes around.



I admired this collection due to its spin on the classic formal styles that are heavily presented in womenswear today.

There were statements made with formal jumpsuits, billowy dresses, and simple wrap dresses.

Through this collection, upscale and casual looks were able to shine due to the metallic materials used to create each piece.

Metallics will be super prominent this fall.


 We can talk trends all day and night, but these are a few that I see as most wearable and explosive this season.

Signing off.

All About the Trends.